Monday, April 27, 2009

Did I Blink and Miss Spring?

I remember way back in February how I kept counting down the days until March and the arrival of spring. Well March came, along with the snowstorm I had waited all winter for and then the first day of spring arrived along with more freezing, cold weather.

It was okay though. I decided to hold off for April where it was sure to become sunny and warm. Along came April and with it still more cold weather only this time mixed with many gray, rainy days.

Still I remained optimistic with my spring break vacation right around the corner and knowing I would head south to Florida and was sure to enjoy some nice, warm days there. Vacation came, we went south, and the weather was gorgeous. Ten days later we come back to Delaware only to be greeted with more gray days, low temperatures, and lots of rain. Yuck.

Then we get to this past weekend.
Full sun.
Blue skies.
90 degree temperatures!

Excuse me, but did I miss the whole spring thing?
What the heck?
It's summer out here!

Honestly, I'm not complaining, just wondering what's happening to the supposedly four seasons around here?


  1. I hope we get some warmth here soon. we had snow today.

  2. Jennakat is Renee's won't let me sign out of her and into me. weird.

  3. I cannot offer sympathy. We have had snow showers the last few days and I am still in a winter jacket.


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