Saturday, March 7, 2009

Take Time To Enjoy The Day

Usually my Saturday goes something like this:

  • Wake up late, usually by 9am, and get out of bed. I have trained my children to get up, be quiet, and make their own bowl of cereal. They are pro's!!
  • Pour the coffee and then catch up on email, twitter a bit, and record my Weight Watchers weekly weigh in.
  • Start a load of laundry.
  • Pour the 2nd cup of coffee and begin reading some blogs so I can catch up on what I missed all week throughout the blogosphere.
  • Start another load of laundry
  • Write a couple blog posts to be scheduled throughout next week like my Wordless Wednesday, Tackle it Tuesday, and Five Point Friday.
  • Switch the laundry.
  • Run on the treadmill.
  • Make lunch for everybody.
  • Tweet a little and answer email.
  • Clean the house.
  • Take the kids to swim lessons.
  • Make dinner and clean up some more.
  • Enjoy quiet night with hubby at home!

But, today is going to be different. I have done a bit of twittering, and did answer the email, but I am going to apologize now because I will not be coming around the blogosphere visiting today.

Instead you will find me outside in the 70 degree weather playing with the kids, cleaning out my car, picking up the yard, and just enjoying the beautiful day that the Lord has given me!

Of course my laundry machine will be humming away (we can't go nekkid ya know), but the dishes can wait, the toys can wait, the mail from the week can wait. There are more important things I must do today, beginning with the shaving of winter legs cause you definitely wouldn't want to see them in capris and flip flops as they are now!!

Enjoy your day and don't forget to take some time to play!!


  1. mmmmhmmmm and we're going to get 1/2" of freezing rain starting at noon with 6" of snow right after that.

    Have fun tho and don't feel guilty, nooooo don't...hmmm mmm noooo ;)

  2. Lucky you with beautiful weather! The sun was out yesterday and it was PERFECT!

    Hey, when you get a chance, can you tell me how to schedule posts to post throughout the week?

  3. We were supposed to go to the observatory this evening, but it looks like the clouds have thwarted us again and we won't get to see anything. :(

    But before that I get to go workout, shower, run to two banks to deposit GS cookie money, run across town to pick up a TV set, figure out dinner and then decided if it's clear enough for the observatory. sigh!

  4. we enjoyed the beautiful weather as well! Playground time today!

  5. Gotta love this mid-atlantic weather!!! this time last week we were preparing for the worst snowstorm of the season and today I cannot get the kids out of flip flops and shorts! This is one of the reasons I love living here ... once or twice a season we get thise awesome reminders to enjoy the life we have!!

  6. Our weather was gorgeous here as well.

  7. Reading this as it snows outside here :) Spring come on girl!

  8. good article


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