Thursday, March 19, 2009

No More Curls

I have incredibly thick and curly hair. Not the beautiful ringlet curls but the kind that are half curls and half frizz. Here are two recent pictures of the hair and the only reason they look a bit more curl than frizz would be thanks to John Freida and Frizz-Ease.

The top picture is most recent as you can see my hair was longer and that was taken in December. As I was looking for more current pictures I couldn't find one within the past three months that I didn't have my hair in a ponytail. It's what I do. Cut my hair short, decide to grow it out, end up always having it in a ponytail, get tired of the ponytail, and then begin the cycle again.
Well after saying I was going to get a cut for the past month, today was the day. I even squeezed in an eyebrow wax. Now I just have to put in a plug for my salon, Bad Hair Day. If you are ever at the beach in Delaware and need a hair cut this is where to go. I enjoyed my hands being wrapped in warm towels, cucumbers on my eyes, with a warm towel covering them, all while the shampoo girl massaged my head. HEAVEN! I so needed it.
Anyways when it came time for the cut, I told the girl to have fun. We decided to go back to shoulder length with some long layers and she was off and cutting. When she was finished, she asked if she could straighten my hair. She thought it would be "fun". When I told her I had never straightened my hair before she was flabbergasted that I had never tried it. I explained to her that I just was not a hair and makeup kind of person and thinking it would take way too long to straighten my head of hair, never tried. So this inspired her to get out the brush and hairdryer and show me what I was missing.
The results ((drum roll, please))

Well...what do you think?
Zoe's response when I picked her up from school, "Mommy you got a hair cut. It's beautiful. You finally have pretty hair like mine. "
Dylan, "It does look cool. We can call you Goldilocks."
Dave, "It looks good. You do look different in straight hair."
Your response?
I have to say that it is growing on me. It feels funny to be able to run my fingers through my hair. I'm thinking I may be adding a big roll brush and nice hair dryer to my shopping cart soon!


  1. I love it, Mel! I think it looks great both ways!

    I have thick and curly hair, too. I spent so many years straightening it every single day and about a year ago, I burned out on it and started wearing it curly more often. Now, I switch it up depending on how much time I have :) I love having options!

  2. Curly hair is so much work right? I have wave-y but very thick hair, and I straighten it every morning - lots of work :)

    I like your hair straight or curly.
    It has a very nice texture straightened like that - very pretty - looks so soft, no wonder you want to run your fingers through it:)

    It's so funny how Zoe finds your hair pretty because it looks more like hers, hee hee She's so cute!

  3. Neat! But I think it could be even better looking with the right straightening iron. I know a teenager with very curly hair, a little curlier than yours and ridiculously thick. She only washes her hair once or twice a week then uses a CHI after blow drying to get it perfectly straight. It would be the only way I would recommend doing this to a busy mom such as yourself.

    And then the very next week you could go back to being a curly girl!

  4. My sister has super curly hair and every once in a while she does the straight thing. Personally, I love the curly, but the straight looks good!

  5. I like it!!! BTW, delete the first two spam comments! GRRRR

  6. I think it looks great both ways, but the straight is my favorite!!

  7. I second the recommendation on the flat iron. I don't have the patience to blow dry with a brush on my hair.

    After having poker straight hair for so much of my life and perming it so much I finally noticed a while back that there is some natural wave forming in my hair. It isn't all over though :( but if I scrunch it I can get it to look wavy like in my new profile picture.

    on you I like both the curly & the straight. I would suggest doing whatever you feel you have the time for...I'm not a hair & make up kind of gal, so I like being able to just put some product in my hair and letting it air dry. But I'll spend some time for special occasions and straighten it too.

    that wasn't at all helpful, huh? ;)

  8. I think it looks great both ways. Loved your kids responses! Cute! ;o)

  9. I love it! It is shiny and bouncy and cute, but I'm partial to being natural. Have you tried rubbing a little olive oil in your hair? It's the only thing that holds my curl and fights frizz. I have thin hair though, so I have to be careful to just put a bit in so I don't look greasy by the end of the day.

  10. I like it straight better - but I have been battling with my own curly/frizzy hair for years and have embraced straightening as it finally give me some control. Get a good protection spray tho.

  11. 2 things:
    damn you have amazing hair.

    I love your tweets. they really make me laugh some days when I SOOO need it.


  12. Wow, it looks so completely different... but good!

    It might be a bit high-maintinance for everyday... how long did it take them to straighten it?

  13. Wow, look at you! I love it both ways.

  14. It looks great both ways but straight is a nice change up. A totally different look for sure.

  15. Your hair looks fabulous! I think it's SO cool that you have both options - curly or straight. Lucky girl! : )

  16. Looks good! I have to say, I was never at Bad Hair Day until about a month ago I went with a gift certificate and I loved it too! Everything you said is what I thought. Now Dave isn't happy because I'm hooked on that salon!

  17. HOLYHAIR girlfriend!! :D Whoa...that is crazy different but I really do like it! It actually makes you look a tad bit "older"...not like the bad kind of older just a tad bit more mature?! Oh I'm just diggin my hole deeper... ;}

  18. I LOVE IT!!! :D How's that?!!


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