Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy 40th B-day Babe

In honor of my hubby's 40th birthday, I decided to make a list.
40 things that I love about my husband

  1. First of all...he married me and I really love that!!

  2. Watching him play and interact with Dylan and Zoe always makes me fall in love with him more. He is an awesome dad.

  3. He's always up for a road trip and some of our best vacations have been just when we hit the road with no plans to where we would end up.

  4. His patience abounds (thank goodness cause I need somebody patient).

  5. He is an awesome cook...

  6. and is always willing to make dinner when he gets home.

  7. He always supports me in all of my endeavors.

  8. He's never asked me how much I spent when I come home with shopping bags (it's probably more because he truly doesn't want to know, but I'll take it!)

  9. He makes me and everybody else laugh.

  10. Strangers always start conversations with him. He just screams, nice guy.

  11. He understands my need for girls night out and always tells me to go and have a good time...

  12. then he listens when I come home and tell him everything we talked about.

  13. He reads my blog!!

  14. The wrinkles beside his eyes that say how much he smiles.

  15. His soft kisses.

  16. His bear hugs.

  17. The spot on his shoulder that my head fits into perfectly and puts me to sleep instantaneously.

  18. His willingness to help anybody with anything.

  19. 98% of the time he is in a good mood.

  20. His smile that lights up the room.

  21. His competitiveness.

  22. He is a hard worker.

  23. He puts his family before everything.

  24. Two words...BEST FRIEND!

  25. He loves unconditionally.

  26. He takes Zoe to dance class and never complains (well almost never) about all the chatty moms he has to listen to for the hour they are there.

  27. He can fix anything and everything.

  28. His positive attitude.

  29. He never yells. Well maybe when he is frustrated with something, but never at people!

  30. He gets along with everybody including my family and friends.

  31. He rides a motorcycle.

  32. He is super smart or as I like to say "full of uselessfull knowledge"

  33. He is cheap (which balances the shopaholic in me quite well)

  34. Always ready for an adventure.

  35. It doesn't phase him if he comes home and the house isn't completely cleaned or we are still in our pajamas.

  36. He isn't a complainer.

  37. He grocery shops.

  38. He amuses me.

  39. His eyes and the love I see reflected in them.

  40. He is him and I love it all!!





  1. Awww, the sweet bday post!!!! :D Tell Dave Happy Bday from us!!! :) Did y'all get OUT and celebrate?! Love to you!!

  2. Oh sweet! So nice to declare your love ... Happy birthday to him.

  3. He sounds like a wonderful man. I love this idea for a birthday post!


  4. So sweet - love that you did that list for him!


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