Monday, March 30, 2009

Facebook Illiterate

What can I say? Sometimes I just give in to peer pressure and the leader in me takes a backseat to the follower in me.

So like everybody else I went and set up my Facebook account.
I found a few old friends,
some friends found me,
I do a status update now and then,
and even uploaded a few pictures.

But now what?

The tech side of me doesn't want to admit it, but I think I'm facebook illiterate. I just don't get what everybody sees in it. The only thing that I really enjoy is looking at everybody's pictures and to be honest that is pretty much the only thing I do when I get on there.

I know many of my readers are also facebookers so help a girl out.

Here are a couple questions I have...

  1. What is your main purpose for using Facebook? Stay in touch with family/friends, social media purposes, something else I missed?
  2. Do you find that you usually only "friend" people you know in real life or do you pretty much add anybody who "friends" you?
  3. Do you find yourself becoming addicted to finding more and more friends? Do you desire to have as many friends as possible or are you happy with just a few close ones?
  4. What is your favorite part of Facebook?

Maybe I just don't know what I'm missing.
So enlighten me...what am I missing?

Oh by the way, here I am on Facebook and over there in my sidebar you will find my Networked Blogs widget to see who on Facebook follows my blog. Feel free friend me and follow my blog through Networked Blogs too.

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  1. Sorry I can't help you out because I'm kind of in the same boat. I set up my account and then this it? I know my husband and a friend of mine really enjoys it; but I just don't get it.

  2. Oh, I am so glad to read your post, I thought it was just me. I did the same thing, my friends kept telling me I need to get on facebook and it was fun the first few weeks, but now I 'm not sure what to do with it, it's boring. So your not alone, I am with you.

  3. I just added you as a Facebook friend!

    I think Facebook is useful for staying in touch with friends. It has many of the same features as email, but it also allows people to send invites to parties, share pictures and videos, and you get reminders of when it's a friend's birthday (something I love)!

  4. i like seeing SOME of the pictures (mostly of out of town friends). There's one gal that I'm friends with who thinks she's some sort of model and I'm sick of seeing her new "artistic" pictures of herself plastered on my page each day. :p

    my main purpose for using Facebook is that a lot of my homeschooling friends are on there and we get to chat with eachother during the day there.

    I only "friend" folks I know. Blog friends count too, but I had some guy from my highschool that I never hung out with back then try to friend me I just took my highschool info off. i check occasionally to see if anyone I actually knew in Highschool is on there, but that's as much digging up the past as I want.

    I find that I'm spending more time there playing the game tournaments. I have this competitive drive to beat my friends. hee hee

    and don't worry, there are a lot of my friends who don't get it either. I'm okay with that...I stay in touch with them via email.

  5. oh and my SIL in FL is on there and while she won't email, call or mail me anything...she will keep in touch via facebook.

  6. You're ahead of me- thanks for the link to networked blogs- I'm going to do that...

    I think that facebook is almost a blog for people without a blog... ?

    My friends who don't have blogs always are using it to post what they are doing, share recipes, etc.

  7. I'm on facebook to catch up with friends from highschool. I have other friends on there, but everyone on my list is people I know. Some people have 300 + friends and don't know 1/2 of them. Makes no sense to me, lol.

    I read everyone's status & comment if I feel like it & I love looking at the pictures.

    I don't really do any of the quizzes & all the applications. In fact, I've been ignoring them, lately, they get annoying after a while.

  8. I could easily do without facebook. I use it almost exclusively for staying in touch with friends and family. Some friends respond much faster to a message on their wall then if I send email.

    At first I would accept friend requests from anyone that sent one my way. After a week I realized that I really didn't want some of them to know all the stuff I was discussing with closer friends and my cousins. I decided to friend only those people that I'm really close to. And I stopped putting up pictures and more personal status updates since some friends became 'friends' with people I REALLY don't want anything to do with ever again. If my friend comments on a picture of Princess then all her friends can see that picture too - and I don't necessarily want all of them to see it.

    All that drivel boils down to I stay on facebook because some close friends are addicts and it is the best way to arrange a get together. Otherwise I'd delete my account.

  9. i don't get face book either. how can people spend hours and hours on it? i don't get it at all...i don't even get how to do those things you said to do with your blog...

  10. I'm going to read the comments carefully - I too have no idea what else you can ''really'' do with Facebook.
    I use it more as a 'contact' book of sorts. I try to connect with people I know in real life, people I have lost contact with through the years, people I work with, and people I know from the internet. Just in case I need to contact somebody, they are there...
    but I'm not on there very often... I check periodically, to see what people are up to, but that's about it :)

  11. I was hoping your comments were going to give me some insight, but I can't say I'm any more convinced than I was before. I don't really care for Facebook. I keep an account so that people from my past can look me up, and today I DID get found by a fairly close friend back in the day, so that was cool.

    I don't do much on there, except go over when I get a friend request. For a while, I posted when I had a new blog post, but I don't know if that was worth the trouble.

  12. 1. Stay in touch with friends and building relationships. Social media. its a way to let people know that I'm in business but mostly to build relationships.
    2. I have a hand full of in real life friends on face book.
    3. Not really. I find myself trying to build the relationships I have already

  13. I am on facebook as of recently. I do not care for it and can't see the draw.

    I do not wish to have 500 people on my list. I can't keep up with the family and friends I have IRL (in real life).

    I do enjoy the daily connection with my younger cousins who frequent facebook though.

    The main problem I have with facebook is the older connections. Some people who I "thought" I knew in the past have grown up with different lives and therefore different outlooks on life. It makes it difficult when they want to post on your wall something that would now be considered indecent.

    I just ignore all the requests to do the different applications. If the asker ever asks about it, I will tell them I have plenty to do. :)

  14. We live overseas, so Facebook is a nice way to stay in touch with friends and rellies, post photos so they see how the kids are growing etc.
    But I don't have time to do all the applications and find them a big time waster. I just ignore them and tell people I don't have time to do them, and that they slow down my computer (which they do!)
    I've enjoyed catching up with some old school, uni and work friends from around the world, but admit to finding it freaky when people I don't remember or didn't like back in the day 'friend' me.
    I feel uncomfortable when people I don't know 'friend' me too.

  15. I do have facebook but rarely go over there. It is the only way I'm able to keep in touch with some of my friends though since they don't have blogs and don't twitter.

    I ignore all the little flowers, requests, etc. I do have my blog posts show up there (as notes) and know of some friends that read them that way as they wouldn't normally go to my blog anyway.

    I only friend people I know. And in the beginning I went friending all family members, but realized I need to delete some of my younger cousins as they had totally inappropriate, offensive stuff on their pages that I didn't want to be linked to. It can be quite shocking what some people will put on there!


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