Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tales from the Bowling Alley

I had this in my draft for the past month, but thought today would be as good as any day to share it with you all.

To cure our winter blues the other day, we decided to head to the bowling alley for some family fun.

Let me just say that in the 13 years Dave and I have been together I can count on one hand the times we have bowled. This would be in part because Dave does not like to bowl. Go ahead. You can ask why. Well, it would be because it is something that he stinks at and anybody who knows my husband will tell you that Dave does NOT like to be bad at anything. This makes me want to bowl even more because I actually have a chance at beating him at something!

On this day he was a pretty good sport. In between the whining about how much he despised bowling that is.

When the game was done. This is what our final scores looked like.

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you.
Zoe beat all of our bottoms at bowling!
Oh and let me point out that the "D" on the bottom is for Dave.
And, yes, we ALL had the bumpers!!!


  1. I love bowling! But we've only been once, as a family, it was last year for my oldest daughter's 6th birthday. I would love to go again. My girls had a blast.

  2. We're not huge fans, but we go once in a while. We haven't been with dh though.

    That's so funny that Zoe won. YAY Zoe!

  3. I am glad that hubby was a good sport and went with y'all. That is awesome! :)

    I am home sick today, and am catching up on blogs. I have missed getting to everyones!

  4. That looks fun! We really should go sometime. There is one really near our house and we just never get over there.

  5. LOVE it!!! :D I've wanted to do this for a while but haven't yet....yay for winter inside fun!


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