Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kid Conversations


My mom was doing her daily devotions and Zoe went to ask her to color with her...

Zoe - Will you color with me, grandma?

Grandma - As soon as I finish reading my Bible this morning.

Zoe - Why are you reading your Bible.

Grandma - Because I like to and I try to do it everyday.

Zoe - Can I see your Bible.

Grandma shows Zoe her Bible.

Zoe - Grandma that's not a Bible, that's just an ordinary book.


As I was giving Zoe a bath the other night and kneeling by the tub my knee cracked very loudly.

Zoe - Mommy are you okay?

Me - Yes, it was just my knee that cracked.

Zoe - You're falling apart mommy. They are going to have to make a new mommy soon.

Me - Thanks Zoe, I love you too!!


Me: What did you have for lunch today?

Zoe: I had corn and that is my favorite vegetable.

Me: Me too, corn on the cob is my favorite.

Zoe: Well mine is corn on the plate.

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  1. This age is prime for funny things! Georgia says all kinds of funny things, but I have to try really hard not to laugh because it really hurts her feelings when people laugh at her. And then I feel bad!

  2. DD keeps trying to be funny...sometimes it still works. The other day she said something not so nice about me (probably that I was goofy) and I said "Thank you" and she wondered why I would say that...I told her that soon enough she would be saying meaner things and actually mean them.

  3. haahaha!!!
    kid quotes are always my favorite posts!!

  4. LOL that is so CUTE! My 2 year old is just getting where she is saying little sentences and its so cute. Wanted to let you know that I think the I fixed the comments section on my recipe blog so please go over and leave me a comment to see if it works

  5. So cute!... corn on the plate! lol

    And the part about you falling apart, my 3 yr old is always asking me if I'm OK, when she hears my bones crack.

  6. They don't hold back, do they!
    If you want it straight, just as a kid!


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