Monday, February 16, 2009

And Back Up I Go

Last week my scale was my friend, this week our friendship has slacked. I can't blame it on the scale though. It held up its side of the relationship as it let me stand all over it and ever so kindly reported the dreaded results. I take responsibility for our friendship slipping.

The week started our great. I had most of my weekly allowance points, ran on Sunday and Monday, went with Dave to work out on Tuesday, packed great lunches, and enjoyed healthy dinners. Then mid week I began feeling not so hot. I was exhausted at night, which led to early bedtimes and no exercise. Wednesday night all I wanted to do was go to bed, but I made a million rice krispy treats as I had to take 20 to my class, 20 to Dylan's class, 15 to Zoe's class, and over 2 doz to my school for the staff. Of course, this meant enjoying a treat myself here and there. I am quite sure I probably ate at least half a dozen treats that night.

Then Thursday came. My class had our Valentines Party on Thursday instead of Friday so one of my students who is sick and I teach at home could come in to participate. This meant cookies, cupcakes, brownies, Cheetos, and pretzel salad. Not good. I still didn't feel well and my lunch looked blah so I skipped it and as you probably could guess, when it came time to party I was hungry and ended up nibbling on everything. Although nibbling wouldn't quite be the correct word to explain how I devoured two big pieces of pretzel salad.

Onto Friday. Every Valentines Day we have "Treats for Sweets" at our school where the hospitality committee (which I run) brings in treats for the staff to enjoy. Remember those rice krispy treats? There were also more brownies, cookies, candy, snack mix...oh and the remainder of the pretzel salad. Of course while I was putting it out I had to have another piece. Then I went back for another later on. Should I also tell you that I ate rice krispy treats too cause you know they are low in points?

I could keep going and tell you about the pizza for Friday and Saturday night dinner, cupcakes, my 20 point breakfast at Ihop, Cadbury cream eggs...but let me just get to the important part.

WEEK 7 / +.5lb / -5lb total

Honestly, I should be very thankful that the scale didn't show something worse than a half pound gain this week. Maybe it still really is my friend!

Anyways, what's done is done and now I'm moving on. So far the beginning of this week is off to a great start. I've exercised every day and stayed within my points. There isn't any special holiday/occasion looming on the horizon so this week my scale is going down!!

How was your week?


  1. Oy! It's tough when you are surrounded by tempting treats!! :) 0.5 lb is nothing, I'm sure you'll get back on track in no time!
    You have the right positive attitude to turn that around! :)

    um, Why do I crave rice krispies now? hee hee :)

  2. hang in there kiddo. the food holidays are just about over...and soon you can give up stuff for lent if you're into that thing. I'm staying steady...not fun.

  3. I hate to even ask...but what is pretzel salad?

  4. It's a challenge to stay away from those yummies but you just have to brush yourself off and move on. Exercising every day is great, way to go.

    I am doing OK, exercise is good but the scale isn't moving. Kind of at a plateau right at the moment and working on ways to change that and kick things up a notch.

  5. I was down 2 more lbs last week but after the chocolate from V-Day and tonight's dinner... I'm guessing that I'll be up a bit by Friday. I plan on doing my 2 mile walk tomorrow and working out on Thursday, so we'll see!

  6. 0.5 is not so bad! It will be gone quickly. I tripped over Valentine's day too ;)

  7. Glad you moved on - you just can't beat yourself up and you didn't gain that much.

    For me, I did OK for V-day, but it's the clearance Valentine candy that I can't pass up and it causes me trouble!

  8. Oh, those rice krispie treats always get me too. LOVE THEM. I think that you did good considering all the tempting treats you sampled! Your overall loss for the Challenge was a good and healthy one!!

    Keep up the good work, girl!


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