Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Well Visit...Now Stay That Way

Today the kids had their well visits at the pediatricians office. Both of them are doing just fine and dandy! At least today.

When I picked up Zoe from her daycare though, I was informed that one child has been out for two days, another one was home sick today (this was Zoe's best friend so it was sad day at school), and one left early (Zoe informed me that he "throw up everywhere, mommy").

Guess I'll be making some emergency sub plans tomorrow?
Do you think we have a chance?

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  1. DD & I are total germophobes, hand washing constantly and still we manage to pick up the yucky bugs.

    Stock up on the gatorade/pedialyte and get ready.

    I do hope that it passes you by though.

  2. Have fun...we had a run of norovirus at the know that stomach yuck that hits cruise ships, etc. Not fun. You're not that far away, hope that's not what's going around. Keep healthy and safe. Of course it's 1:00 AM and I just got home from work! Love, Aunt Steph


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