Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today we had an early dismissal due to...are you ready for it? SNOW!
After many disappointing weather forecasts today some snow finally fell.
So what if it was a whole 1/2", it was snow and we didn't waste anytime heading out to play.


  1. LOL! We had snow today too...a whole 1/2 inch. My friends had much more.

    I sent DD out to go shovel the snow. Offered to pay her. It should have taken oh maybe 20 min. I go check on her and see that she's not got it done AND she's kinda playing in it.

    So I go suit up and shovel around her and get it all finished in like 5 minutes...sidewalk too. The problem was that she puttered around and didn't get the part near the house soon enough to melt off any ice...so now it's all slick right near the house. :( Oh and she didn't get paid.

  2. We got 6 ins in a 2 hour period and then it started raining and hasn't stopped. My beautiful snow has now turned into ice and slush but it is suppose to switch back over to snow tonight!

  3. we had professional development monday and tuesday.. so no kids but they sent us home early yesterday. got about 2 inches total, then it turned to sleet, then to rain... so it's not really pretty out anymore. Had off today and guessing for a late start tomorrow after the temps drop and freeze all the rain! Good grief!

  4. Yay!!! Snow days are so much fun! I loved them just as much as the students when I was teaching.


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