Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No Shrinking This Week, but a Lesson Learned

I've been battling an awful head cold with an annoying cough for the past week and half, which has caused me to consume two bags of cough drops. What does this have to do with me shrinking or should I say not shrinking? Well this week my weigh in looked like this...

WEEK 3 / -0 / -4

I couldn't figure out what was going on. I stuck to my points (although I did use every single one) and even got in a couple workouts while I was coughing up a lung. Why did my scale let me down? As I started thinking about the week and what may have happened the cough drops kept coming to mind. Do cough drops contain points? Sure enough, when I checked the ingredients what did my eyes read, but sugar! If they had sugar then they most definitely had calories, and where there are calories there are Weight Watcher points. So even though I thought I had stuck with my points I was probably over by many thanks to the cough drops.

So what have I learned this week...when coughing, buy sugar free cough drops only!


  1. I can relate on this one. I've had the same through I think 6 times this winter? not sure whats up but,my old WW conselor used to say if you bite it you write it.

  2. oops I meant same sore throat 6 times this It seems like i keep getting it back

  3. I'm going through something similar - my throat is starting to hurt, but I don't want to take anything because it might mess up my weight loss ... the things we'll do to see the scale move down down down!

    P.S. Where do I sign up for your Twitter background contest? :)

  4. I would never of thought that. When we were kids we sucked on Cough drops like candy 'specially Lundens YUM

  5. LOL! Oh my goodness. Who woulda thunk!? Good to know. :-) thanks for participating!

  6. Points in cough drops! I hadn't thought of that, but of course they're like candy. Thanks for the tip.

    PS - I couldn't get your blog to load for a few days! Something on my end obviously.

  7. You may be right....points in the cough drops....but you may retaining some water or something if you are sick. Let me tell you what you did well....when I'm sick, I eat to try to feel better....doesn't work, really....but it is a bad habit I have. You did well by not doing that :-)

  8. Craziness with the cough drops! So annoying how things like that can sneak in calories.

    Hope this week was great for you!

  9. oops! well at least now you know :) and so do your readers! Thanks for sharing - Simon has a cold right now and I know it's visiting me next... Hope you feel better soon!!!


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