Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Only 360 Days Until Christmas

Today we are saying goodbye to Christmas 2008.
The tree has already been disassembled with the ornaments packed away.
Toys have been put in their rooms (not put away there, but small steps people)
Time to start the hunt for Christmas decor to put in their bins for next year.

Adios Christmas!
Hello New Year.

What about you? Have you started taking down your Christmas decorations? If not, when do you usually put things away?
Don't forget to visit 5minutesformom to see what people have been tackling.


  1. I usually don't take down our tree and decorations till the first. We spend the day watching football, eating wings, and cleaning. :) But for some reason I'm wanting to start the process today. I just finished putting up my Christmas village and taking down the stockings. LOL

  2. We leave our decorations up until the Epiphany...but this year will probably take them down on Epiphany Sunday cuz a Tuesday just doesn't make much sense.
    But we have started to migrate the presents to their permanent locations. I still need to do my returns.

  3. I couldn't get them put away fast enough LOL But really, everything but the tree has been put away because I need to put my focus on business and some personal stuff and don't need other stuff clouding my head. I did leave the tree up because I needed to buy a new ornament box but no one had one. So, I just went ahead and bought a cheap-o clear box and will wrap the ornies up.

    I have an ornament box BUT this year we had a themed tree and bought or were given all new ornaments to go with our beach/Jamaica themed tree so they will have their own box.

    Counting down to next Christmas because we will most likely be spending it in Jamaica. Just got back and can't book our return fast enough LOL

    Happy New Year!

  4. Alas, the tree is down and everything is put away until next year. It's sad to see it all go but I'm glad to get my house back.
    Happy New Year to you!

  5. I happen to like Christmas up until at least the New Year. Maybe this coming weekend I'll tackle it. I can remember years growing up where our tree was still up in the middle of January!! I'm not up for that - especially with trees that drop needles and a small apartment space!

  6. We started today too! Are you enjoying the break from school?

    Happy New Year.

  7. Oh yes, it's all gone. It's up for a month so I'm done with it when Christmas day passes. I love how clean the house looks now!

  8. Cute Blog! :)

    We took ours down two days ago. I love having it up, but now that it's down, it's nice to have everything put away.

    Happy New Year!

  9. Oh my gosh you're so AHEAD. There my tree stands - dropping needles every where. Ev.Ery.Where. We need to get it down. This weekend it will happen. It must.

  10. ah, that is what we will do tomorrow and I can't wait!

  11. I always take my decorations down after the 12 days of Christmas...it's a silly tradition for me! LOL!


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