Monday, December 22, 2008

Another Gift Idea - No Peeking Grandparents or AUNTS!!

As a teacher, I am always looking for crafts around the holidays that I can do with my students so they can create something to give their parents for a Christmas present. This year I had the students paint Christmas ornaments.
These are very simple and relatively cheap to make, but are beautiful and practical gifts that parents, grandparents, teachers, friends, and just about everybody will enjoy.

What you need:
Clear ornament balls - The iridescent ones provide a beautiful finish
Craft paint

Take the hanger part off the ornament and pour one color of paint in the ball. Swirl around to cover part of the area inside. Then choose another color, pour it in the ball and swirl to cover more area inside the ball. You can choose to add another color or just leave it with only two. Make sure you swirl the paint around to cover the entire inside of the ornament. When the inside is completely covered put it upside down in an egg carton to let the extra paint run out and the ornament dry.

When you are finished this is what they should look like...

You can use sharpies to have the kids decorate the outside or write a message with their name and date. Put the ornament hanger on, add a ribbon to hang it with, and there you have it. A beautiful handpainted ornament sure to make a perfect Christmas gift.


  1. Oh WOW! What a great idea. I will have to try this!

  2. We just made those at Girl Scouts on Friday...we added some glitter to them too. They all came out beautiful!
    I wanted to make one too, but I didn't need another ornament by me. One day DD is going to get a box full of all her creations for her very own tree.

  3. 1. I love your new blog design. I don't think I have told you that.

    2. I think those ornaments are a fabulous idea. Thanks for sharing.

    3. I've nominated you for an award. Hop over to my blog to pick it up!!!

  4. Those are SO cool! We have the fixins' to make thumbprint snowman ornaments. You use kids fingerprints dipped in white paint to make the snowman and then sharpie on the rest. I think your's is cooler though - maybe next year.

  5. Dec 26 I am scrounging the stores for clear glass balls! THanks!

  6. Cute! I like this idea a lot. I think we'll do this next year. I am going to post pics of our ornament project later. :) It's fun to watch them create and have a blast!

    Oh and tell your readers they can find a slew of ornaments at the dollar boxes of 12 and 15~ great for projects!

  7. I saw this craft in a Parents magazine and thought about doing it with my students... however the cost it would have been to buy all the supplies made me forgo this one and do play dough ornaments. My mom came in to our class and helped out with them. It was fun! And the kids loved it -- I even brought in wrapping paper and let them wrap. Their comment was "I feel like an adult wrapping these gifts! I don't get to do this at home!" That is when you know you hit the nail on the head!

  8. Cute! My son made one a couple of years ago.

  9. Thanks. My 13 year-old daughter is a crafts enthusiast. We now have something new to try!

  10. Thanks. My 13 year-old daughter is a crafts enthusiast. We now have something new to try!

  11. wow realy neet when it comes to crafts and hand made i say yes please help out do your part for the love of art keep it alive

  12. I FINALLY found some glass ornaments after christmas. I tried this idea! I loved it. I will say that using silver was not a good idea. I don't know if it was the type paint or the color but they did not turn out. Gold looked awesome though. Thanks for the great idea. I have a batch for next year too!


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