Friday, November 7, 2008

Weekend Plans

So tomorrow, my family and I are off on a bus trip. Here's a clue to where you can find us.

We're planning on visiting her.

Then Zoe has a birthday gift certificate from Gramma and Grampy that she will be spending here.

Dylan has decided that if he has to go to the store above then he gets to go to the biggest Toys R Us ever and ride on this.

Yes, that Ferris Wheel is inside the store. Of course since we will already be in Times Square I will have to also go buy some treats from you know where.

I can't wait to go!! My parents and brother are coming along and this is the first time that Dave will have joined us on a NY trip. This is also the first time I have ever seen the Statue of Liberty except from a long distance which is also very exciting. I am sure I will have lots of pictures to share next week!

Do you have any plans for the weekend?


  1. Have fun!

    Also, just checking to make sure you receive an email from me with your ornament swap partner's info. If you received it no need to reply - just let me know if you didn't. Check your spam filter too! : )

  2. w00t for NY!

    Plans? Plans you ask? Well nothing with the words New and York in them. ;)

  3. Ummmm...sitting home, being jealous of you:) Safe travels and say Hi to Lady Liberty!

  4. Have a blast! No big plans this weekend, it's our only weekend until after Christmas when don't have plans, so I plan on enjoying this weekend.

  5. Wow, what a great trip! Have fun! Tomorrow we are hosting some girls from Audrey's 2nd grade class for a book club. They all read Ramona Quimby, Age 8 and we will be discussing, doing crafts, and eating. We are really excited! Although she would probably be fine with cancelling it for a trip like yours :)

  6. Hope you have as GREAT of a time as we did! The Statue is better in person for sure. We didn't go in the Toys R Us but it looked cool!

  7. I hope you have fabulous weather for your trip!

  8. Have a fun trip! Looking forward to the pics!

  9. YAY!!!!!! Can I come??? Oh yeah, I just went......but I tooootally want to go again!! Brave you for taking the kids, I be PETRIFIED of losing them!!!! :D Have fun!!!

  10. Oh that sounds like an extremely fun trip. I hope you had fun. No, no big plans here. I have been sick most of the weekend so now I am stumbling around trying to get ready for the week.


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