Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday - Ebay Queen

I am a huge Ebay fan! There is just something about searching for this and that, then bidding, then sniping, then winning. I have to admit when I first started with Ebay I went a bit crazy. Thankfully I have curbed my shopping to a more reasonable amount and even better sell things often.

My favorite thing to list is my kids last season clothing. I live near outlets so most of my kids clothes are Children's Place, Osh Kosh, and Gap just because that is what we have. Plus now we have Gymboree so watch out. Really, did you know that there is huge demand for Gymboree on Ebay? It's like a cult. You get sucked in to finding the newest pieces of the latest series of clothes. Anyways, I digress. At the end of every season I clean out the kids closets and make piles for donation, friend giveaways, and Ebay. Then at the beginning of that season the following year I'm listing queen, selling all the outgrown outfits.

What is my point, you ask? Well this week's Tackle it Tuesday was getting my EBay shipments out. Within the past week I had about 25 auctions end which is a lot of packing and shipping. Here is my couch (I promise it is under there) with all the auctions separated and ready to be labeled.

I'm happy to report that as of 5pm this afternoon every auction that has been paid for has been shipped and is on its way to its new owner. This makes me a very happy person for many reasons.

Reason 1 - My house doesn't look like a USPS building.
Reason 2 - I have a place to sit again.
Reason 3 - I now have money to go buy the kids new clothes that actually fit. No more highwaters and pinching shoes for them.

What about you? Do you Ebay? Are you mostly a buyer or a seller? Any secrets you want to share, I'd love to hear them.

Also, don't forget to visit 5minutesformom to see what everybody else tackled this week!


  1. I do Craigslists... works okay more so for baby items then clothes.
    I bow down to you OH Ebay Queen!

  2. I do the same as you. I noticed you don't use the priority mailers though. You should -- they are free. I have a good source for poly mailers as well (on Ebay of course) LOL.

  3. oh my head! I could so get hooked on Ebay - I think that michael is! We have sold lots of his fishing gear on there and I have sold a few things of Abraham's but I'm better at buying anyhow!
    Ever tried buying grocery coupons on there?? Now that can be addictive! i have become quite the coupon queen - saving a minimum of $10 each week using coupons!
    I love saving money!!

  4. I have only shopped on Ebay. My friend is trying to sell name brand stuff she buys at goodwill on ebay.

    My ebay tip is not to get too hooked on bidding. If you do, you often will pay way more than you have to for an item.

  5. I buy things occasionally on ebay. I really need to sell a few things, but I never take the time to get them listed.

    You did a great job getting all that out!

  6. Great idea Mel. I should do this with all of the clothes that my girls wear once and then decide they don't like them anymore!

  7. I buy some things off eBay, but I use half.com more than anything. I tried selling one thing on eBay, but no one bid on my auction, so I'm kind of discouraged to do it again. I might try to sell some of my stuff that I need to get rid of on there. You inspired me by showing me that you actually sell stuff. Thanks!

  8. I have bought on Ebay a couple of times, but never sold. I think I am scared. I don't know how to do it. Got any words of advice?

  9. I think it's such a great idea to do that - you are so smart :) I'm going to remember that one when I have kids!! :)

  10. Oh, girl, I feel ya. That's the worst part of selling - the shipping.

    AGree with Robin - buy the poly mailers in bulk - you'll save a ton of money!

  11. lol! Welcome to the world of Gymboree. I knew you would eventually come to my side!! =) I hope Paige can be on Zoe's friends' list to get any hand-me-downs you'd like to pass her way!! She has loved looking through your pictures on here to see Zoe. She misses her- but not more than Josiah misses Dylan. Lets put it this way- he still makes it on Josiah's prayer list every night. =)
    hope you are having a good week!!

  12. I do like e-bay but I have never sold anything there. I like to browse and pretend that I have money to bid on anything :)

  13. As soon as my test Craig's List posts expire I'm trying ebay.


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