Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Birthday Celebration - Part 2

I guess when you turn four your birthday just seems to go on and on or maybe it is just because your mommy won't let it end!
As you know, for Zoe's birthday party she and her little girlfriends were pampered and went out for tea, but the party continued on Saturday (her actual birthday). One of her friends spent the night and after staying up till midnight and getting up at the crack of dawn, we started the day with pink, chocolate chip pancakes. Yes, I impressed myself too. You gotta love food coloring!!

We took her little friend home that morning because she had a soccer game and then it was time to get ready for a family party that night. Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunt Steph came in from out of town and Deb from our next door family also came over to help celebrate. Zoe got to pick the menu, which included steak, mac and cheese (who knew you could actually make this without a box...I made it homemade for the first time and it was yummy), carrots, and crescent rolls. All of Zoe's favorite things! Of course it wouldn't have been complete without a fancy cake to celebrate.

The great thing about having her friend party and then family party was that she could actually open her presents (without any "help" from friends) and enjoy them all by herself. Here were some of her favorites.

*Notice the Crocs. They were a gift from Miss Karlin and she absolutely loves them. So does mommy. I need some soft shoes like that!!

Oh and apparently the birthday continues because today she received a gift certificate to American Girl so now she can get some new things when we go to New York.

Really though. The candles have been blown out and the birthday is officially over!


  1. Look at that awesome party! Looks like a dream come true :)

  2. Looks like a fantastic time, and a very happy beautiful 4 year old

  3. Now that's a birthday to remember! Especially those pink chocolate chip pancakes, yum.

  4. Happy Birthday Zoester!! We hope to see you soon!! (love the pink pancake idea!!) XOXOXO

  5. oops- that anonymous was from me- I forgot to sign it! lol

  6. What great presents!! Happy Birthday!!

  7. OHH Meg has that same mermaid costume- where did you get the matching doll outfit?

  8. Sounds like Zoe had a blast on her birthday! Too cute - that little girl spa! I wish they had one around here.


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