Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mrs. Tuttle Please Report to the School Office

Today is my last day of summer vacation ((sniff, sniff)). Tomorrow it is back to school!

The first three days are just teachers and tomorrow is just a work in your room day, which is always my favorite. I love to put up the bulletin boards, decorate the room, organize everything, and get ready for the year. Tuesday and Wednesday are meeting days though, which isn't quite as fun. There's nothing like going back to school and then having to sit all day. Although it is a great reminder of how the students must feel if they are asked to come and do the same thing!! Not in my room though. They will consider themselves lucky if they get to sit for a few minutes because we are go, go, go, the first few days as we practice routines, get to know one another, and just have some fun.

The first few days are always so exciting. I get to meet all my students who are excited about being in 3rd grade and learning "multiplication" and "cursive writing." They are curious to meet me and see what their teacher is like. Some come in with big ol' smiles and hugs while others quietly tip toe in hoping to avoid me until they have time to check me out. Of course they never get away long until I get to them to give them their back to school hug!

I am truly blessed to say that I enjoy my job. Sure it is exhausting both physically and mentally, but every day is a new day full of surprises. I never know what to expect and that's what I love. Sometimes it's challenging, sometimes it's frustrating, and sometimes I can't do anything except laugh, but it's a great job and I love it!!


  1. I wish they had teachers as dedicated as you when I went to school. Our future depends on our children and we need more teachers like you that teach not only with a curriculum but with a heart.

    The Blogstalkers....

  2. We have all day meetings tomorrow, work in our rooms on Tuesday, then KIDS for a half-day Wednesday. And sigh, more meetings Wednesday afternoon. The meetings are the worst part of teaching, I think! I seriously develop adult ADD every time I have to sit in a meeting, and I just cannot sit still or pay attention.

  3. I wish you a fabulous last day off- but mostly, I wish you a happy school year!

    This will be a great year!

    These children are lucky - they have a very smart and fun teacher:)

  4. You're right. It is a great job, but oh my is it exhausting!

    I have those two conferences tomorrow, and that will be the first time I have to "sit" all day. Not going to be fun.

    We have to be back Aug. 26th and a start date of Sept 2 with the kids.

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! Get some rest today, and enjoy yourself!

  5. Happy First Day! We went back Wednesday and got 1 day in our rooms/meetings. You're lucky to get 3 days, even if 2 are stuck in meetings.
    Love that saying and have it hanging on my bulletin board by my desk at school!
    The new year is so exciting, isn't it? I still get the nervous jitters, 10 years later!

  6. happy first week of school! it is always so refreshing to meet a teacher who loves her job so much. your students are very lucky!

  7. Good luck! It sounds like your students are very lucky to have such a caring teacher. I am praying for a good year for you.

  8. awww, i agree...boohoo for the start of school, but soon we'll be back in the swing of things and thinking about CHRISTMAS!!!! soo fun to hang this weekend, you guys are the best!! :D xoxo here's to another great year, Mrs. Tuttle!!!!!

  9. Mel, I'll be thinking of you tomorrow as you start your new school year!! I hope you have a FABULOUS day!!

  10. Oh wow - Tomorrow! I'll be praying for you as you prepare for each child who will learn and grow under your beautiful and fun spirit. I know you'll be great.

    God Bless,

    PS. And don't get sooo busy you forget about us bloggers, now!

  11. Have a fantastic week! I always loved getting my room and stuff ready for the year. It was always SO cool to know that each year it's all brand new! :)

    My kiddos start tomorrow. My boys are excited and can't sleep. LOL My daughter is worried that kindergarten will not have snacks and what will she do if she is thristy or hungry. :) I will miss her because I've spent so much time with her since I didn't go back to work after she was born.

    On a good note, tomorrow begins my weight loss journey! Woo Hoo

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  13. You sound like a wonderful teacher and I wish you a great year with your class.

  14. We still don't know who our fall teacher is yet - I wish they'd send the letters out already!

    Have fun decorating the room. I'm not a teacher but that sounds really fun!! : )

  15. This post made me miss teaching:) I hope you have a wonderful start of the school year.

  16. What are some things you do the first three days? It's always so overwhelming!


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