Monday, August 25, 2008

Changes Ahead

If you visit here regularly then you probably know that I'm back to work. I'm a 3rd grade teacher and school is now in session for the 08-09 year. Unfortunately that means that all that free time that I had during the summer is being sucked up as I juggle working, being a mom, being a wife, cheerleader for soccer & dancing and numerous other duties.

Of course there is no way I will be giving up my blogging and visiting all of you, but I have to admit that I will need to change some things in order to fit everything in. So here's my plan.

I'll be scheduling posts so you always have something new to read. I'm hoping to keep a notebook of everything I want to share and post a few nights a week, plus do a lot of writing on Saturday to post throughout the week. I'll also be writing my usual random posts whenever I have time or whenever something is just too good to share. Here's the schedule I am hoping to use as a blogging guide for me.

  • Mon. - Weekend Recap
  • Tues. - Tackle it Tuesday
  • Wed. - Wordless Wednesday
  • Thur. - Randomness
  • Fri. - Five Point Friday Carnival (yep, it's coming back!!)
  • Sat. - Weight Watchers Update
  • Sun. - Randomness or ((gasp)) I may take a break!

Unfortunately to keep my sanity I will also be cleaning out my reader. I just can't make myself mark everything as read if I haven't read it. What can I say? Blame it on my OCD! This won't affect my fave reads and you know who you are, but it will mean a lot less stress for me. However, I am planning on updating my blogroll so on those lovely state holidays, fog delays, snow days (pray for snow this year), and other times I can pop over to see what's been happening at your place. Of course, if there is something special that you would like me to read please feel free to drop me an email and I will be happy to come by!!

In the perfect world, I would love to be able to reply to everybody who leaves me a comment, well at least those who have an email address connected to their comment, but I may have to cut back a bit. I am still going to do my absolute best to reply whenever I can, but please don't get upset if you don't hear from me. Chances are I may miss you on this round, but get a chance to respond next time!

Hopefully you all will stick by, as I get into my routine. More often than not things get sticky at the beginning, but once we get going I find more time. Blogging is something that I definitely do for myself (and all my great readers too) and will be pretty high on the priority list...right under my family, friends, and job!

What about you? Do you follow a posting schedule or do you just blog when the topic hits you?


  1. Well mine is working out great- wordless Wednesday allows me to get caught up midweek while View Friday allows me to keep reviews to min.!! I love it- best wishes to you!

  2. I just posted my new schedule last Friday. I already feel a ton better about the time I spend writing on my blog.

    Oh, and even though I didn't win your WW giveaway, I went last week and joined up again. I am now going to Monday morning meetings and lost 3.2 lbs this week!

  3. Oh hunny, I can SO relate to this! I like your idea of a blog schedule. I usually just post when something comes to me.

    I love blogging, and reading others blogs. I find myself coming home at night, reading blogs, and sometimes not making the time to spend with my husband and dog. So, I def need to cut back as soon as school starts, too!

    It has been nice this summer to wake up, get a cup of coffee, and catch up. But, that is quickly coming to an end!

  4. No schedule.....which I am sure you can tell by my lack of posting lately. There just isn't enough time in the day....which I am about to post about!

    Good luck with the schedule....and hope school is going well!

  5. Wow, a schedule! I love it. I wish I could do that but if I can at least post once a week I'm doing good. LOL

  6. Good for you getting all organized! I have no schedule, as you probably know. :-) Random and go-with-the-flow is my middle name. Lately I just haven't been as committed to getting something up first thing in the morning or even every day, and it has been such a relief.

  7. I was wondering how you were going ot manage it all now that school is back in session! I think your schedule sounds great. I wish I were organized enough (and discplined!) to do something similar but I just tend to post when I have something to post about. I do usually do a weekend recap on Mondays and usually a "this and that" post once a week but other than that - who knows what/when I'll post! : )

    I didn't find you until summer so I'm not sure what 5 point Friday carnival is - guess I'll find out on Friday!

  8. I do not have a schedule whatsoever when it comes to blogging. But maybe I'll take a lesson from you and try to start one.

  9. I don't have a schedule, but I do say that it's a fabulous idea. Business in "real" life should always take priority over blogging.

  10. Good for you! It's hard to keep all of the plates spinning. :)

    I post M-F and give myself a break on the weekends (usually). Mondays are random, On Tuesdays - I have Tea for Two-sday, Wednesdays - Works-for-me-Wednesday or Wordless Wednesday, Thursdays - random, and Friday - Would You Like Chocolate With That? It helps keep me sane to have some themes going on.

    I'm also planning a couple more theme weeks in the future as I had so much fun doing the Summer Campout Week (and that entire week was scheduled posts as I was out-of-state).

  11. you are seriously TOO BUSY!! when do you sleep!! :) Between being a mommy, wife, cook, maid, teacher, and student (working on my Masters)I can't find anywhere to blog - unless I don't sleep! So my boring blog will have to continue being boring I guess! Oh well!

  12. I tend to post whenever the mood hits about whatever topic is on my mind. However I do try to put something new up at least 3 times each week, mostly as a challenge to myself.

    It surprises my how some of my favorite posts are ones where I sat down with no topic in mind but managed to perfectly capture my thoughts and feelings at that moment.

  13. You're so dedicted, Mel!!! My gosh. And, I am a total random blogger. Hope school is going well!

  14. Wow you're so organized!!! Very inspiring! :) I usually only blog on my weigh in on Mondays, and I do a week 'recap'... but that's about it!
    I would like to blog more though... maybe having a schedule like you would help... hmmm....


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