Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Recap

What a relaxing weekend we had here...

Saturday the kids and I went to the beach with a friend. It was an absolutely gorgeous day with a light breeze from the ocean. The kids found a couple friends and played pretty well together so I didn't have to entertain them. I was able to chat with my friend and even read a couple chapters from one of my new library books. For dinner, my mom-in-law invited us over for a summer bbq with ribs, shrimp, cole slaw, baked beans, and fresh fruit and cookies for dessert. Yumm!! After dinner we sat on the screened porch chit chatting. It was a wonderful way to end a perfect day.

Sunday we mostly stayed around the house during the day. We gave the boat a good scrubbing so it is ready to go, I read a book, the kids played, and Dave worked on his motorcycle. Oh and I sneaked in a pedicure...I figured since I helped Dave scrub the boat I deserved it. Right? Then we all went to watch the Shorebirds play at Perdue Stadium this evening. Dave's work actually bought group tickets so we got to hang out with some friends. There were a couple other little kids so Zoe had a blast playing with them. The great thing is the stadium is very kid friendly and even has a merry-go-round, which also kept her occupied for an inning. After the game there were some awesome fireworks that we all enjoyed. Oh yeah...we didn't win! Oh well, we did enjoy a hotdog, pretzel with mustard, cotton candy, and ice cream in a cute helmet cup!!!

What is that you ask? Where are all the pictures? Well they are on my camera of course!! Sorry I just didn't quite get to the uploading part yet. But you know are my thing so don't you worry yourself because they will be here soon. Tuesday at the latest!!!

Today we have a big day of adventure as the kids and I are headed to Dutch Wonderland in Pennsylvania. Even living close to the park for most of my life I have never been so I'm looking forward to checking out a new place. I have also heard it is perfect for my kids ages so we will see. It is about a 3 hour drive though, yes that would be one way, which I am not looking forward too. Thank God for a DVD player in the truck cause I have a feeling we are going to need it!

Don't worry I will take lots of pix today too. We will just have to have a picture fest!!

So how was your weekend? Do anything special or just enjoy the days?


  1. Hey Mel!!! Where did you grow up? Did we already talk aout this because if we did...I'm having amnesia. I grew up near Reading, PA, so when I saw "living close to DW" I had to know!
    Hope you are having fun today!

  2. I miss the summers where we went and spent time on the beach and my Grandfather's boat. Ahhhh. Your summer posts always bring back memories!

  3. We're heading to the beach in 3 weeks - I can't wait. Everytime I read your blog I want to go!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend. Hope you had fun at DW. I've never been either; but have driven past it many times when at the Outlets. Some day we will get there.

  5. Sounds like a great weekend. Hope you had fun at DW. I've never been either; but have driven past it many times when at the Outlets. Some day we will get there.

  6. We just returned from a weekend in Ct. and yes the DVD player was a life-saver.
    Hope you have a great time at DW. Can't wait to hear, have passed it many times, but never gone.

  7. Dutch Wonderland? I've never heard of it and I used to stay in PA when I was a kid :(
    Can't wait to see the pics though! :)


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