Wednesday, June 11, 2008

To Turn It On or Not To Turn It On?


With the coming of summer weather comes the age old question. Do we turn on the AC or open the windows? Over the weekend we had a nasty heat wave with the heat index in the 100's for four or five days...YUCK. Obviously there was no question about using the AC and we were a comfy 74 degrees the whole time.

Today, the heat wave finally broke with the high only in the 80's. There was also a slight breeze all day. Now at 8 pm it is in the 70's with the lows supposed to go in the 60's overnight. The next few days look like they are going to be around the same. So now the big we keep the air on or enjoy the fresh air that God gave us?

While hubby and I agree on most things, the temperature of our house has never been common ground. He likes it much colder than I do, which usually results in me wearing sweats and sitting under blankets while he enjoys the cool air. With the prices of everything going up though I think we have even more reason to open the in the natural breeze is FREE!

So what would you do? Open the windows? Use the AC? Do you and your spouse agree on the temp of your house? What temp do you prefer your house to be? So many questions, can't wait to here your opinion...Comment Away!!


  1. oh I so can weigh in on this since we just discussed in our home tonight. I'm fine with the inside of the house around 85-86...anything after that I might turn on the AC.

    One of my best memories was sweating out the summer, eating Popsicles to cool down. I don't think AC is a must.....

  2. I would open the windows!!! When I do here, the humidity sucks the very life from our bones. You're lucky if you have a choice!

  3. If it's not humid (rare) we always have the windows open. We usually have them open at night (unless just horridly humid) and early mornings. By early afternoon we usually turn it on if it's going to be turned on.

    Anything in the 60s and the windows are for sure open (unless humidity persists).

  4. I just turned off our A/C and opened the windows. Its nice to have some fresh air in the house - and save a few pennies on the electric bill.

  5. um.. I guess I'm in the minority here. I think the problem is Michael is from GA and the minute there is any kind of humidity in the air the AC goes on. I'm embarassed to say that our air has been on since the beginning of May, consistently. We keep it around 70 degrees. Course that is when it is working - apartment living has some down sides!

  6. I cannot deal with the windows being open with it's humid. It makes everything in the house damp which drives me nuts! I'm an AC gal 100% in the summer!


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