Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer

My very favorite thing about summer is all the time I get to spend with my family. I enjoy spending everyday with my kids, but I look forward to Tuesdays and Sundays the most because those are Dave's days off so then the whole family can spend the day together.

On most days when he is off you could find us on the boat or surf fishing at the beach, but since we don't have our truck we couldn't do either of these things today so we decided to just hang out. Here is what we did...

We started the day with swim lessons. It was the first lesson of summer session and silly me chose the 8:30a slot so there aren't any pictures as I had not had my first cup of coffee. When we got home Daddy and Zoe decided to wash the car.

After they washed the car, they decided to take a ride on the motorcycle. Zoe loves the motorcycle and never wants to get off. For all you worry warts he only takes her up and down our dead end street at about 5 mph...so no worries!!

Zoe has been asking to try to ride her bike like her big brother...on two wheels so Dave decided to let her have a try today...

but after this, the training wheels went back on. Maybe we will practice another day!

We decided to play something a little less stressful next so we pulled out the frisbee

and while Zoe was chasing the frisbee she found a wish flower that Daddy just had to blow.

We also took some time to play at the playground.

We made a visit to the beach too. We walked down the beach and the kids had a blast running with the waves.



  1. again let me say that I am truly jealous that you LIVE at the BEACH! What I wouldn't give for a beach day! A friend from school and I are coming up on the 9th of July... I can't wait!

  2. sounds fab. [insert wistful sigh here].

  3. Ahhhh, the lazy days of summer. That looks like so much fun!

  4. love the pictures! They weren't very wordless though... seriously, they are great and I loved being a fly on the wall with you all.



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