Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm Getting to Old for This

As I'm sitting here typing this all I can really think about is my comfy bed calling me from upstairs. I would go lay down and type, but I'm afraid of what may appear here so I'm going to give a quick weekend recap and say goodnight!

As you know, we went to Dutch Wonderland last Monday, had friends stay with us Tuesday - Friday, and because I was just having too much fun I decided to drive to Baltimore on Saturday to stay a night at my parents. After the two hour drive there yesterday morning, we swam in a pool, drove another hour to attend a rodeo, and played with Sophia. We spent last night there and left early this afternoon later than I had planned because my dad tempted me with sushi for lunch...YUMM! Then we came rushing home to have dinner with some friends at our house. Thankfully I have the most wonderful husband on earth (sorry ladies I know he has some competition, but I have to say he wins in my book). While I was driving home and hoping to arrive there before my guests he smoked some beef, made a spinach/cheddar cheese/apple salad with homemade dressing, cut up watermelon, and are you ready for this...made homemade pretzels and pretzel bread. See, I told you he is good!! He made a delicious dinner, which is probably another reason why my bed is calling as my belly is so full of tasty things. I did make it home about a half hour before our friends so I was able to help a bit. I tasted the bread, munched some watermelon, sat down for a minute set the table and ran the vacuum. After dinner, we all relaxed with some Wii and just enjoyed the summer evening in the comfort of AC, of course.

Now our friends have gone, the kids are playing Wii, and I'm sitting here catching up on some blogs and twitter...and counting down the minutes until I can crawl upstairs and under my covers!!! I am just getting too old for all this excitement, I guess.

Oh and I do have pictures, but you will have to wait until tomorrow to see them because I am mean like that!!


  1. a fun and busy week/end!!! sleep well :)

  2. can't wait to see some more pictures!

  3. I hear you - there are nights I cannot wait to crawl into bed either.


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