Saturday, May 3, 2008

I Know You Are Dying To Know

I have had a couple emails and phone calls inquiring about the test so I thought I would post and be done with it. sucked! And that is probably putting it mildly. Now I realize that I am my worst critic, but I can honestly tell you that for one exercise the only way I am getting any points is if they give me something because there were words on it. Otherwise I will get a big fat 0. To give myself some credit my test that analyzed student's reading skills I am pretty sure I nailed...then again reading is my most favorite subject and the least of my worries. I also believe that I did relatively well on my art and health tests. My science test...probably not too bad although I am sure not nearly as scientific as they hoped it would be, but I think I at least touched on the concept they were looking for. My social studies...let's just say "war" and anybody who knows me and my lack of history, wars, dates, etc. can infer the rest. Not as bad as my math exercise, but definitely not strong either. Due to confidentiality thing-a-ma-jigs I can't say much more about the test, but I think "sucks" sums it all up!!

As soon as I got home I checked on the site to see if it is possible to completely bomb an assessment exercise and still pass. It does look possible although I will have to do really well on all areas of my portfolio and at least do relatively well on the rest of the assessment exercises. So now honestly I don't know what to expect. I guess I can't do anything, but wait and wait some more.

At least it is done so now I can go eat my sushi!!!

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  1. fingers crossed for you, friend...i was praying!


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