Friday, March 28, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

Well we are all home again, safe and sound and that concludes our vacation of 2008. We took the red eye on Wednesday night and actually got home yesterday morning, where we then crashed on the couch, beds, and floor trying to catch up on sleep. It was nice flying home through the night because both kids slept, but with only a four hour flight it was not enough time. The kiddos slept driving home from DC and I have to admit I got some shut eye too, but it is not the same as stretching out in your comfy bed with a pillow under your head. We all were asleep by 9 last night and only got up a bit ago.

So sorry about the lack of posting of days 4-7 of our vacation. Things got a bit crazy and when we went to Disney, our new hotel wanted me to pay for Wi-Fi and since I was only going to have time for a brief post I decided to spend my money at Disney instead. My to-do list today includes catching you all up on our adventures along with getting to the grocery store because there is nothing, I repeat NOTHING, in our house to eat! Although today is Dave's last day of vacation so maybe I can talk him into the grocery trip since I loathe the grocery store. Then I could go visit all your blogs out there and see what you have been up to!

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  1. Welcome back! I think choosing Disney treats over Wi-Fi was a good choice :)


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