Friday, February 29, 2008

You Are NOT Going to Believe This

Today was the day that I was videotaped for my last entry for my Board's...YEAH! What a liberating feeling to know all my lessons are finished and now it is just the typing, typing, and more typing. Oh yeah and revising! This last lesson was a science lesson with a strong math focus so we have been doing shadows. They have traced their shadows three times on two separate days and collected data measuring their shadow and watching it change position. They used their data table to create a graph and today analyzed their graph and created a shadow poster on the video. The kids really seemed to enjoy it and I know I got some good discussion on the video. The best part thought was when in the middle of my video one of my little darlings ran to the trash can and puked! Yes, that is the middle of my video for my National Boards one of my students vomited!! That pretty much sums up this whole science lesson as I have worked on it for the past 3 weeks pushing things back for two weeks due to the lack of sunshine, which is an integral part of creating shadows. The really awful thing is that tonight I was viewing my video to see what I was going to write my entry about and realized that the poor little boy had sat for about 2-3 minutes with his hand raised. I never turned around because I was in my "I will get good stuff on this video if it kills me mode" It wasn't until my class started screaming "Mrs. Tuttle, A is throwing up!!!" that I finally figured I had to stop and address the situation. I did take care of him...ok I told him to take the trash can and walk to the nurse. I DO NOT do bodily fluids...even for my own kids. That is daddy's department because the most help I will be is pushing them away from the trash can or toilet bowl so I can puke with them!! At least nobody can say my video isn't real because that is about as real as it can get in the classroom!!

Now for the best if anything can beat a student throwing up durng a videotaping of a lesson that has taken me three weeks to prepare. Trust does!

Friday's are always rushed after school because I go pick up Zoe, toss her in the car and try to make it to Dylan's school to pick him up. Dylan loves his pick up day so I make a big effort to do this each and every week. Well this week all was well as I did my running and we were on our way home to put on our pj's and start vegging. It was all going so well until about 20 minutes away from school my Tahoe died!! It was going and all of a sudden the engine was going no more. I managed to coast into the center median and there we sat. I was dumbfounded about why my car died until I looked down and noticed that the gas gauge was not anywhere close to F, but rather very close...OK right on and maybe even a smidgen below... E (Mom you can stop laughing now). Now any of you that know me, know that I hate getting gas and I often, okay always, get gas only when my light comes on. However, today I never even noticed my light as I was trying to block the image of my student vomiting from my mind. So as I was sitting in the median, with two kids, one crying because "What are we going to do mommy" and another crying "I miss Nemo...I want to see my fish" I decided that this was a situation that I was not prepared the least. Of course, like every good wife the first person I called was my husband. I thought this was a good idea because normally my husband has the solution to everything. Today this was not so as he told me "You should have looked at your gas gauge"...CLICK...that was the end of that conversation. So then it was onto my girlfriends...none of which were answering their phones. Finally, I called my school and asked for two teachers who I knew lived down my way and would have to pass me. I got a hold of one and he offered to get some gas from the school shed and bring it to me. So after about 40 minutes we were rescued!! Thank goodness we don't have to live in that car and never see our fish again!!

Of course, then I called Dave and told him that we (the kids and I) were going out to dinner and if he wanted he could join us. So all is well that ends well...especially after two glasses of wine at dinner!!

For all of my prayer warriors out there, when you are saying your next prayer would you please ask for my forgiveness of whatever I did to make God mad. I really could use a little Grace!!

Oh and I just want to share a life lesson that one of my bestest friends, Holly, shared with me. Just in case you are like me when it comes to your gas tank please remember "E does not stand for enough!"
With that...I am done for the day...GOOD-NIGHT!!


  1. I am laughing for the whole situation, and somewhere deep inside of course I am weeping for your stress you had to endure today. =P

  2. I had to laugh first at the thought of a kid puking in class - I am with you on the bodily fluids. When they puke, I puke... or at least gag ALOT!
    As for the gas... picture me in my Pathfinder on my way to GBMC hospital and running out of gas in the intersection of Charles Street and Towson Town Blvd - at lunch time... Luckily this was before Abe - and Michael worked in the area. He came to rescue me, after my tears and NO ONE stopping to help...
    And I reiterate your use of the E - it does NOT mean enough! And even tho you THINK you have enough gas, you really dont!

    Been there, done that!!

  3. good call on the wine with dinner - you needed it after all that!!!

    i also HATE getting gas. husband finds it totally annoying that just about EVERY sunday we have to stop for gas on the way to church because i've put it off all week long ;-)

  4. I'm glad that you were able to get the lesson done, even with the puker in the video. Hey, you are right, that is real life. I have a very hard time with bodily fluids too. I've learned to deal with poop as you can't really get away from it as a stay at home mom, but I've been fortunate to have a child that has never really puked. It all comes out the other way. :)

    And, I do the same thing with gas. In fact, I try very hard to make sure that my husband is driving my car when I need the gas, or at least is with me. I don't know why I don't like to get it, I just don't.

  5. The bodily fluids almost made me spew. Shows just how bad my issues are as well. :-)


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