Sunday, February 24, 2008

Disney on Ice

After nights of working on my Board's and many nights to go it was nice to take a night off to go see Disney on Ice at a local convention center. Every Feb/Mar Disney on Ice comes to town and this year one of Dave's co-workers gave us free tickets. Thanks, rock!! The great thing was that it was all about princesses this year and Zoe was in heaven...Dyl not so much, but with a little smoke and pyrotech's he got into the show too.

The castle turned so it looked like each of the princess' castle. Here is Jasmine with the Genie and check out the big ice skating elephant. He made me laugh!!
Snow White with the Seven Dwarf's

Every princess has to have a wand...or two...or ten in Zoe's case!!

The prettiest princesses of the night!!

No, really the boy's weren't into the show at all!

We girl's loved every minute of it.

Zoe got a wand and Dyl enjoyed a bright, blue snow cone in a Mickey Cup. This was his highlight of the night!


  1. We went to see Princesses on Ice a couple of months ago and it was the highlight of my daugher's life. And you have cool shots. Mine only consist of me wearing a tacky Flounder hat. :-)


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