Saturday, February 9, 2008

Broken Record

I kind of feel that is what I have been sounding like whenever I talk about my weekly weigh in. It's always the same "I had the munchies", "I didn't eat enough fruits and veggies" and then the same goals "eat more fruits and veggies", "walk on the treadmill", "stay within my daily points." Then the next week I find myself saying the same things about the previous week and making the same goals. I am kind of at a loss of what exactly I need to do. I've been trying to get out there in the blogosphere and visit some more people to get some jumpstart ideas on how to make these last 15 pounds disappear, but have to admit that I am becoming very frustrated with myself. I have come so far to just hit a wall so there must be something I can do. I think I may try to attend a WW meeting on Thursday to see what they are all about. So far I have lost every pound on my own using only the online tools figuring why should I change something that was obviously working for me. Now seems like a great time to change up my routine though. If anybody has any words of wisdom please share because I can take all the help and motivation I can get!!

As far as this past week, I gained .5 pound which I am not the least surprised about considering I ate so much while in Florida. We had a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and of course dinner was always accompanied by wine or some other high point beverage. Thank goodness that I walked miles while I was there or I shudder to think what this week would be like. I have been good since getting home, mostly due to the fact that I was exhausted and everybody here was sick so our dinners were cereal or french toast. Plus I have been eating my yogurt and pretzel sticks for lunch so low points there. (Notice still the lack of fruits and veggies!) I do have everything to make the 0 point soup so I am going to make that today and I pulled some great dinner recipes for this week that are low in points so hopefully I am setting myself up for a successful week. We shall see!

Week 55 /+.5 / - 41.5

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