Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend Recap

Weekends go by way too fast!!

Yesterday was spent typing away on my Board's, although I did sneak in a nice nap, and some dancing time on Wii. We stayed home the whole day and the kids didn't even get out of their pj's. I felt a bit guilty since it was kind of nice outside, but with the fire crackling it was even more perfect inside!

Today was also very relaxing!! During the winter Sunday is my favorite day of the week because Dave is off and we are all home together. Although it is also usually very hectic as we run here and there trying to catch up on everything. Today was different though because we didn't really have anything to do. This morning was sunny so we loaded up the kids bikes and headed up to the boardwalk. The kiddo's had a blast riding their bikes and it was great exercise chasing after them. We then did a family grocery shopping. I am still not sure if that was the best idea considering we went in with 5 things on our list and spent $140. How do we do this?? We had a nice lunch and then I worked more on my Board's while the kids took a nap and Dave watched some football. Then it was off to swim lessons, which I enjoy every week. Dylan and Zoe both love swimming and they have shown so much improvement. For dinner we decided to have a sushi night, which Dave enjoys making, and Dylan and I enjoy eating. It was absolutely delicious even though Dave slaved away for 2 hours putting it all together. Of course, I was clean up crew so took care of everything after dinner. That is what I love about our marriage...we just compliment each other so well...he cooks and I cleans!! Another great thing about Sunday is our bedtime routine. The kids love America's Funniest Home Videos, so we always snuggle in our bed and laugh our butts off together. Afterwards it's book time and then off to bed. I even ended my day by walking on the treadmill!! Which brings me to here and now...laying in my comfy bed, watching Iron Chef America, and blogging about the weekend.

What a great day! I so enjoy spending time with my family!!!

So what about you...what did you do this weekend??

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  1. Our weekend was pretty uneventful. We basically just organized our house. But yesterday we visited our old church and that was fun!


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