Sunday, January 27, 2008

Today is the day!

Last week was a rough week when it came to staying on points. I have to admit that I didn't even count after Wednesday, but I know I was not over just on my daily points, but exceeded my weekly points also, which is something I had never done before December! I know, some of the reason I have been so lax is because I was feeling pretty comfortable with my body and clothing size. However, after watching my video I really could lose probably 20 more pounds and I have been frustrated with the scale number. I really want to see the 130's!

Yesterday was not good at all as I got frustrated with my Board's entry and ended up eating 40 points! 40 points in one day...absolutely unacceptable. So starting today I am done with this craziness. No more using food as an escape, or stress eating, or eating because things are nuts. Instead I am going to walk or dance the stress out!

This week's weigh in showed me gaining a 1/2 pound. While I'm kind of bummed that I had a gain, I really am surprised it wasn't more. I think all the water I drank was my only saving grace this week. This week is going to be much better though and I can't wait for weigh in on Saturday!

I have the menu planned out for the week and every dinner is less than 5 points for the main course so with some low point veggies it will be a good night. I should have a lot of Five Point Friday recipes by the end of the week. I am also making a batch of the WW Zero point soup for my lunch and then packing some fruit so the day should be good too. My goal is also to go coffee free this week and instead have a cup of diet hot chocolate for breakfast.

WEEK 53 / +.5 / -42


  1. sweetie, you're going to do that AND give up coffee??

    God speed, girl!

  2. That's the attitude! Let's do it together!

  3. You have very impressive stats. You already lost 42 pounnds? Thats amazing! You can continue to do it! One meal at a time!! Dont beat yourself up over that 40 point day. Before I joined WW, I had 40 point meals. The imporatnt thing is that is not an every day happening for you.

  4. You are awesome! I love the goal about walking or dancing when stressed instead of eating. :-)
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