Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Real Style

I have very special hair! By that I mean that it is very curly or shall I say very frizzy and super thick. Whenever I go to get it cut everybody loves to say how great my hair is and that they wished they have it, but they don't deal with it every day. They aren't the ones who got teased as a kid because it looked like my hair routine consisted of a finger in an outlet...I am NOT kidding. If you look at any of my kid pictures (before I did my own hair) my mom would put one barrette over each ear and call it a day because she couldn't do anything else with it.

Why do you need to know this, you ask? Well today I decided that in honor of my upcoming trip to Florida I wanted a new do. So I called my regular stylist who of course was booked and I told the receptionist to just pick me somebody. They picked Kyla. Kyla turned out to be this hip, young, thing with absolutely beautiful hair. She was full of ideas and asked that I trust her. This is what happened...

I really like it. All the new bobs looks so edgy and fun and I have been super jealous of all you straight hair people that can pull it off. Sorry I don't have any "before" pix, but considering my style was a rubber band and frizzy pony tail you are not missing much.

So what do you think?


  1. Oooh, me likey!!! :D I used to pay BIG money for Curl like that!!! Looking fine, girl...keep it up!! Love to you!

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