Monday, December 17, 2007

Where does time go?

Dylan celebrated his 7th birthday last weekend! It just seems like his birthday comes around way to quickly. I am a huge birthday party fanatic and love a good theme. This year our theme was The Polar Express. Each guest received a golden ticket and had to come in their pj's. As a party favor I took a picture of each guest and then they used them to create a foam engine picture frame. We also read the Polar Express (my absolute favorite Christmas story) and each child got a "first gift of Christmas" full of train stuff. Here is the gang of conductors...

As you can see we had a house full of boys and I have to say that even as a 3rd grade teacher I have NO IDEA how first grade teachers manage. We were constantly hopping and I learned that a 3 hour party with all boys is 1-2 hours too long!!! Even with a craft, presents, playing, reading a story, and checking out the goody bags, there seemed to be a bit too much of free time. Dylan had a blast though and that is what matters the most. Of course I realized the next morning that we had never sang Happy Birthday or blew out a candle!!! Oh well, he is such a great kid I bet his wishes will come true anyway!!

I love you Dylan, my little man!!!

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  1. What a fantastic party theme idea!!

    Happy birthday to Dylan!


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