Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Work of Art

Since the whole family was down for Zoe's birthday I asked my friend, who is also a talented photographer, if he would take some family pictures for us. For Christmas, my brothers and I are going to get our parents a huge canvas print of the whole family for their house. My parents are so hard to buy for because they never want anything so we thought this would be a great present.

Of course, I also wanted a pix of Dave and I with the kids, and some kid shots too. I ordered lots of pictures, but it is supposed to take a couple weeks to receive so I asked if I could at least get some to put on here to share with you all. Here are just a few of what he took...

Now I know that every parent thinks their kids are cute, but Keith has made mine look absolutely adorable. I just may need to forward some to some cutest kid contests. As I said these are just some of the pictures that he took! It took me forever to pick out the ones to order. You know when I get them in that I will be sharing even more!

If you want to see more of Keith's work you can visit him here. If you live in the DE, MD, or PA, area keep him in mind if you need an awesome photographer!!


  1. Wonderful pictures!!! Too bad I'm far away in Illinois.

  2. these are absolutely gorgeous pics of your little ones. Gramie and Gramps will LOVE the pics!

  3. I love them! I love the first one of Dylan

  4. Your kids are adorable no matter who photographs them, but these shots are fabulous.


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