Saturday, November 10, 2007

Taking the Blame

Yep, the number on the scale this week is ALL my fault. I am not going to blame Halloween, the fun size candy bars, hubby's business trip, twenty-one 3rd grades, TOM, or anything else for the 2 pound gain that I had this week. Yes, I did say 2 pound gain...this is the first gain I have had in a very long time...and it is completely my fault. I did not log onto WW one time last week and if there was any week that I should have, it was last week. Exercise was obsolete, no points tracked, fun size candy bars inhaled, veggies and fruits far and few between, and the water only trickling in. I knew that when it came to weigh in today it was not going to be pretty. Now it is time to pick up the pieces and start all over. Today has been much better with every point being tracked. I also headed to the grocery store this evening and now have a fridge and pantry stuffed with low cal, low fat, and high fiber food. I also earned 4 activity points with walking through the grocery store and my treadmill tonight. This is going to be a good week...I know it!!

I am setting a new goal to help me keep on track and that is to be in the 130's before Christmas. I would love to be at 135, but honestly I will be thrilled to even weigh in at 139! I will meet this goal by drinking my water, eating veggies and fruits, and walking the rest off!!

WEEK 42 / +2 / 40lb.

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