Monday, December 3, 2007

Making a List

Santa is not the only one who needs a list during this time of the year. Here are just some of the things on my holiday to do list...

1) Bake for relatives out of town, teachers, co-workers, neighbors, school parties, and oh!!

2) Buy lots of presents for lots of people

3) Must see "White Christmas"

4) Drive around the neighborhood and check out lights

5) Head into Ocean City, MD to see their light's a tradition!

6) Build a gingerbread house, train, or whatever we find this year

7) Wrap everything I buy

8) Plan a Christmas party for the kids in my class

9) Practice my class Christmas play for the families and oh yeah bake for that too

10) Plan a Christmas party for friends

11) Plan and celebrate Dylan's 7th birthday

12) Girls night!!!!! This is my relief!!!

13) Oh yeah, Christmas cards

14) Got the tree, but still have to get my butt on the roof and in my front yard to decorate there.

And of course this is between working full time, being mommy full time, being housekeeper/launderer full time, and well just LIFE!!

What is on your holiday to do list??


  1. My list just got a whole lot shorter since I am sicker than I've been in a very long time! Sometimes God has a way of slowing us down when we don't do it ourselves. This isn't the first year we've altered our holiday plans. One year my son was very, very sick in the hospital. The kids were not too thrilled about opening presents at the hospital, but we almost lost him then, so I'm just grateful he's still with us.

    May you finish your list and stay healthy! ;-)
    Path to Health

  2. Let's see, We have to take the kids to see the lights at the park, we have to go see A Christmas Carol as a family (tradition), I have to bake, help my parents move, help build a barn for the pregnant mares that are due before Chrismtas, bake of course, keep the boys from playing in the christmas tree water, decorate the tree and the house, all while stil suffering from an upper respirator infection that has lingered for going on 16 days. Yes i have gone to the doc and taken antibiotics. It's really frustrating when it won't go away!!!

    Hope you get all of your stuff done!!!

  3. That's quite a list! I have one in my mind, but I'm scared to write it all down. I haven't even started shopping yet! Ack!

    You should link up your list on my Holiday Traditions festival :)

  4. Most of the same is on my list!

  5. yea good luck with all that - i haven't even made it to the making a list point. i have a mental list but that is dangerous... i feel your pain about being a full time "everything" and having no time for anything else. We still have no tree. no decorations up. bah humbug! :)


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