Monday, October 22, 2007

The Birthday Continues

Zoe's 3rd birthday was on the 11th and I just realized that I never posted any pictures...bad mommy that I am.

She was lucky on her actual birthDAY because she got to spend the entire day with her Grampy and Gramma. They spent the day having fun, eating at McDonald's, and baking her birthday cake. Gramma was nice enough to do birthday dinner too so we had a juicy steak (which is exactly the words that Zoe used when she was asked what she wanted for her dinner), brocolli, green beans, mac n cheese, and rolls. Yumm!! The cake was so cute in the heart shape with strawberry pink icing and topped with a strawberry.

Of course every birthday comes with presents and she was tickled pink with her Barbie ballerina and pink Barbie mustang. She also got a pretty white leotard for ballet from Grampy and Gramma and mommy gave her a Barbie book with music player so we had our own ballet performance after dinner. I think the winning present was from daddy...Zoe got her very own digital camera. She loves to take pictures and it never fails that when I upload my camera I have a few interesting shots taken by you know who. Daddy did a lot of research and found that this was one of the most kid friendly camera. I have to say it is pretty darn cool! It takes pictures and movies, plus you can use different frames on pictures. I think the whole family has enjoyed playing with it.

So Zoe's birthday was fit for the princess that she is!!


  1. She looks like she had a blast! Great pics.

  2. Zoe is awesome! She's a little princess and I love that. I cannot wait to have a baby girl. Love the pink mustang idea, nothing but the best for Barbie and Zoe :) And that hair- kills me!


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