Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Do I have to??!!

I have been so excited to report in at Tales from the Scales these past two weeks as I got back into my schedule and tracking pointsm, but this week, well not so much! Last week was just an awful week at school and I found myself trying to escape the problems through food. Namely Chocolate! It started on Tuesday with a small Dairy Queen Reese's PB blizzard (yes, that would be 3/4 of my day's point), then on Wednesday was not just one, but two bags of Chips Ahoy mini cookies (trust me the mini does not mean much when it comes to the fat!), and then Thursday and Friday consisted of handfuls of M&M's as we were using them in class for a graphing activity. Needless to say I let my scale down and it showed when I went to get on it for my Saturday weigh in. I was up 1lb. Now I know 1lb doesn't seem much, but I had worked so hard to get into my 140's and darn if I didn't weigh in at 150...YUCK!!

Thankfully though it is all good and I started the week with a little pep talk in which I told myself that I absolutely CANNOT use chocolate to get through the days. After church yesterday, I feel ready to start this week and I am happy to report had a fabulous day today and was completely on points!!! I even walked/ran for 45 minutes tonight so got some extra activity points in that I didn't have to touch. So I am putting the past behind me and moving on...next week's weigh in will be better!

On an upbeat note I have had a lot of people compliment me lately about the weight I have lost and congratulating me on how great I look. Now I'm not going to even go down the road of what they must have thought I looked like before...

WEEK 34 / +1 / - 34.5
GOAL: No chocolate and walking my frustration out rather than eating it!!
LONG TERM: 130's before Nov. 3 for NY trip...if I meet it then NY shopping spree, baby!


  1. You've done so well! Hope you get back into the 140's this week.

  2. way to work through the craziness of back to school and get back on track!

    I know what you mean when people compliment you on weight loss....it's almost a backhanded compliment, isn't it??

    See you on the new challenge next week!


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