Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Am I a rude blogger?

It seems like lately I haven't been getting as many comments as before and this is a concern to me. I was thinking maybe my posts have been too far apart or just not as interesting now that I am back to work. But then another thought occurred to me...am I a rude blogger? Do I not talk back to people who leave comments so then they don't want to comment again? Do people feel that I ignore them when they visit? When people leave comments for me I usually do my best to visit their blog and leave some comments for them. By doing this I have actually came across some really great blogs that I now visit regularly. On occasion I respond through email to commenters especially if they asked me a question or if the comment was a conversational starter. The problem with this though is that when I try to email my commenter they usually have an address that is "no-reply comment" or something to that effect so I can't email them. If I am particularly ambitious I may go to their profile page and see if their email is posted there, but have to admit that most of the time I don't take this step. Finally, I must say that I hardly ever, almost to the never point, comment to a comment on my blog. Lately though I noticed that some of you do this on your posts where you come in and respond to comments by commenting on your post yourself.

So now I want to hear from you. Help Me!! Do you think I am a rude blogger? How do you respond to comments...email, visits to blogs, or commenting on your own post? How do you get more comments or blog traffic?

FYI I do have about 30 regular blogs I visit through Google Reader and comment regularly if not daily on most of them, plus I visit many blogs through Wordless Wednesday, Friday's Feast, and Tales from the Scales. I also love to find new blogs to check out so am frequently out visiting so I would hope this would help bring some people over to visit me too. My mantra is that you can never have too many friends!
So go ahead...critique away...


  1. Unless there is something I just HAVE to comment on, like this one, I just read and go now. The school year had started and we are all in HIGH gear. Your not a rude blogger!

  2. You definitely aren't a rude blogger.
    I've been bad about commenting lately, but I've been reading. Sometimes I don't have as much time depending on my workload :)

  3. bahahahhah! you? rude?

    people just disappear sometimes, i've noticed.

  4. I read everyday. I don't always have a comment. I appreciate your comments!

  5. It seems like bloggers have been holding back the comments this month. Maybe it is a result of back to school craziness.

  6. I don't even need to read this whole post to tell you NO, you are NOT a rude blogger. :-) I disappeared because I have myself a new youg'n, and my hubby's off in Iraq.

    But, I'm getting back on my feet and trying to visit again. :-)

  7. Thank you for all of you kind comments that at least it isn't me being rude! I will just keep on visiting and commenting on others and see what happens. I agree that it is a busy, busy time so maybe people are just getting back into their fall/winter swing of things! Thanks to all of you who took a minute to comment and thanks bunches for reading too!!!


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