Friday, August 10, 2007

Just a Bit of Stress

Please keep my family in your prayers as we have a lot happening right now.

1) My Father-in-law is in the hospital today having a surgery for prostate cancer. I am not sure of all the nitty, gritty details, but know that the surgery and recovery are not fun at all and that he would benefit from as many prayers as he can get. He found out in the beginning of spring that he may have an early stage of prostrate cancer and was given a couple options. One option was this surgery and after many wars with insurance companies was finally approved to get it done. So today is the day! I spoke to my MIL a little bit ago and it looks like he is out of surgery, but she has not been able to see him as yet. Please pray that the anesthesia would wear off quickly and for his comfort during this long recovery process.

2) My mom called this morning and my little brother Andrew was in a bad car accident last night. He is okay with minor cuts on his face due to the airbag and of course soreness, but it looks like the car (my dad's) will be totaled. I have not talked to him yet, but pray that he will have peace after the accident and that the insurance process will go easily for my parents.
3) I woke up not feeling well at all (NO, I am not pregnant!). My stomach is yucky, I feel sweaty and clammy, and have a slight headache. Not fun when trying to potty train a 2 year old and keep two kids occupied after being in the house for the past three days. Please pray that the day will go smoothly!

4) Next Saturday is my other brother's wedding. My grandparents will be coming in from out of town and things will be super busy. We will be going over on Friday afternoon and returning Sunday because...

5) I go back to work next Friday, which means Zoe will be heading back to daycare and Dylan to 1st grade. Pray that our transition will be easy! This is the first time that Zoe will be at daycare without her big brother and I am a little nervous. It is also nerve racking thinking about my little boy being in school all 1st grade...unbelievable how time flies by. He is so excited though!

I guess that is about it as of right now...I think I'll go take a nap with the kids now!!

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  1. wow! so much going on in your lives right now.. will be praying for it all, for peace and calm in the middle of the craziness!


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