Friday, August 3, 2007

Girl's Weekend

My little brother is getting married in a couple of weeks to one heck of a woman...I mean she is marrying my brother after all and right there shows how incredible she is...willing to spend the rest of her life with him. Dan and Lizann have been through a lot together including my brother's three deployments to Iraq, Marine life, parents, and crazy ex girlfriend's just to name a few! They actually met around 6 years ago, I think, and I met her the first time at my baby shower when I was pregnant with Dylan so she is the only "aunt" my kids have known. Right from the start Lizann seemed to fit into our family and I love having her around. For one period of time they were not together and just "friends" and I remember thinking that maybe we could disown my brother and keep her instead ;-). Growing up I never wanted a sister and was quite content with my brothers, but I am so happy to be blessed with a sister now and one that I really like too!!

Lizann asked me to be a bridesmaid in their wedding and this past weekend all of the bridesmaids (except one who had to attend her own baby shower - we missed you Kristen!) came over to the beach to spend the weekend. My aunt was nice enough to let us borrow her house which is only a street away from mine (Thanks, Steph) so they could have a place away from the craziness that is my home for some R&R. Friday night we sat on the porch with some wine, food, and girltalk, then Saturday we laid out on the beach, had pedicures, went out for hibachi, hit the boardwalk, and came back to the house for a repeat of Friday night. My in-laws were nice enough to watch my kiddos all day and hubby watched them at night so I could enjoy this oh-so-special kiddie free day (Thanks bunches, Sally, Tut, and Dave!!). This was probably one of the best days of my entire summer vacation so far. Of course all good things must come to an end and Sunday was a quiet day as everybody packed up and I jumped back into being mommy. It was one wonderful weekend though!!

We only got a few pictures because we were enjoying being lazy so much, but here they are...

I'm such a wimp and never go out in the ocean, but the other four were brave and went out to jump some waves. That is my soon to be sis-in-law waving!Gotta love pedicures!! It was three of the girls first time so there were lots of laughs. Aren't are toes gorgeous?We all got dressed up for dinner and a really nice lady offered take our picture while we were waiting for our table. From L-R, Laura (friend of Lizann), Marie (sis of Lizann), Lizann (SIL), Brigid (sis of Lizann), and me. The groomsmen better watch out because we may just steal the show...of course we will let Lizann outshine us on her special day though!!


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