Tuesday, August 28, 2007

DOWN, DOwn, down...

Finally my scale is doing this! Not that I blame my scale for not going down before...I know full well that it was all my fault. Just like I know it is totally me that has gotten these results this week. I went back to counting all my points and tracking them online and saw a pound and a half loss. It felt great this past week packing my lunch and keeping track of what I was eating. Almost every day I stayed within my points, which means I used every one, but I didn't go over so that was good. The treadmill is no longer our closet either as I hung the clothes that were over the railing and used it instead to walk three times this week earning a few activities points as well. Since I knew I had used at least some weekly allowance points last Saturday at my brother's wedding I was careful not to use any of them throughout the week so I wouldn't be over.

With that being said there are some areas that I must work on this week. I only met my 5 vegetable/fruits one day and the rest was pretty short. I also need to up the water intake. I usually drink about 3 bottles so 6 servings, but would like to increase it a little more. I always lack on the oil that Weight Watchers wants you to have too so if there is anybody out there that may have ideas on how to get this in let me know!

So I can't wait to see how this week goes and I especially can't wait to see my scale next week. I only have 1 1/2 more pounds to go and then I am in the 140's, which I haven't seen in...never that I remember!

WEEK 32 / -1.5lb / - 33.5 (that's about how much Zoe weighs!!!)

GOAL: Drink the water, eat the veggies/fruit/ and be in the 140's by next Saturday!!


  1. Congratulations for getting back with it. Remember, tomorrow is always another chance. :)

  2. Pretty sure you had to be in the 140's SOMETIME! LOL I think I might have hit that in middle school! :-P

    Sounds like you did a GREAT job and will continue to be a loser!
    Path to Health


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