Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It's my birthday, but I'm not cryin'

cause everybody loves me!!! My birthday was yesterday, the 5th, but I feel like I have been celebrating since Friday. Part of my birthday present was that Sally and Tut watched the kiddo's so Dave and I could attend my friend's wedding which started the week off perfectly. When we went to pick the kid's up on Sunday afternoon my mother in law had a little birthday party for me. I had lamb (something I had never had until I became a Tuttle and now love it), mashed potatoes (those of you who know me well, know that mashed potatoes are right up there with chocolate), asparagus, green beans, and a variety of cheesecake for dessert. Of course, I chose the chocolate!!

Then on Tuesday, for my actual birthday, one of my girlfriends invited my family over for a barbecue. Karlin is probably the best cook out of all my girlfriends so I new I was in for a delicious meal. She had pork tenderloin that melted in your mouth, green beans (can you tell it is a fave), and Denver potatoes (I'll have to post this recipe later...YUM!). My friend Holly also came to celebrate with her family and brought a yummy cold salad that had pineapple, carrots, ham, egg, and mayo that just screamed barbecue. Dave also made some homemade blueberry muffins (his mom makes the best muffins and gave me the recipe). It was all finished with good ol' chocolate birthday cake!!

As you, and my scale, can tell, food was a highlight of this birthday. Not only was the food good though, I also got some fantastic goodies...

Rachel Ray is one of my fave's...I had the cookbooks and now I have the pans plus a new subscription to her Everyday magazine. Now all I have to do is cook and we will be set! Really though, I love trying new recipes in the summer when I am not exhausted from the school day and have a million things to do before the next school day.

Can you tell flip flops are my thing??!! The ones up top are, yep you guessed it, Vera Bradley and they match my new summer bag...can't wait to take them to the beach! The bottom pair were from my girl friends in my bright pink with crabs and a martini glass on it...screaming summertime!! Plus I got some new Philosophy chocolate chip cookie dough shower gel, a Vera Bradley memo pad set, Ipod skins, a beach towel, and pj's, along with a princess bag (you will never guess who picked that out) and my first homemade birthday card from the Dylmeister. Plus I can't forget my hubby's present...

A new Nautica Comforter that I have been wanting along with some chocolate brown Sateen sheets that make me feel like a queen when I lie on them. I admit it...I am spoiled!!

So as you can tell turning 29 wasn't such a bad thing after all...matter of fact it was so good that I think I will just stick to turning 29 for the rest of my life now!!!

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