Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Daddy's Day Off

Yesterday was another beach day, but Dave got to join us so it was even better. While the kids and I enjoy going to the local boardwalk where there are lifeguards not to mention snacks and drinks, when Daddy accompanies us we drive on the beach to do a little surf fishing. It is a happy medium so that we all get to go to the beach and Daddy gets some fishing in. So we loaded up the Jeep and headed out...

The first thing the boys do when we get on the beach is to unload the rods and get them in the water. We had a few bites and some bait stolen.
And then the big catch...a good size sand shark!

While waiting for bites, Dylan went seashell hunting and found this awesome conch shell. He was thrilled, in case you can't tell by that huge smile on his face!!

After a day at the beach I had some hankering for some hot, fat, steamed crabs. Especially after Erinn talked about having some. So we picked up a couple dozen and had our own private crab feast. As you can see Dylan loves crabs and is getting quite good at picking his own, not that he had a choice because you only get them picked for you until you are 4 or 5 and then you are on your own. Pick or starve!!

After a day at the beach everybody is usually pretty tired from the fun in the sun. Zoe and Daddy were quite comfy cuddling with each other and watching a movie.

What a great day...who could ask for anything more than spending time with the family hanging at the beach!!


  1. What fun! I'd love to live that close to the beach. Sigh...

  2. Now I want crabs too...

  3. SOOOO fun!!! How awesome to live so close to the beach...I'm totally green with envy. Hmm...hey, how "cheap" it is to live there? It is any better than MD? It's crazy NUTS here to live...we'll never be able to afford a place around here. Hey, Erinn was saying we should make a trip up to see you guys...yeah, like totally invite ourselves up. You feel like some company this summer for a day? A little playdate with some out of towners?? Let me know!
    Love ya!!

  4. Kate...we live about 2 minutes from Bethany Beach which is nice because it is usually more family friendly. We are 15 minutes from Rehoboth and 20-30 min from OC. Our area is crazy expensive and we just got lucky 8 years ago moving there. One of the downfalls to moving further away from the beach is that we probably could never afford to go back! Athough we would still be only 15 minutes away from the beach and considering I grew up 3hours away from it I think we will be okay!! I absolutely LOVE company and my house is a hotel during the summer. Come for a day or a weekend or a whole week...the longer the merrier. Give me some dates and I will check the calendar!! So excited to see you all and Dylan will be beside himself playing with Alex since they are so close in age!! Let me know!!


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