Thursday, June 7, 2007

Better late than never!!

Last week I decided to go ahead and post on Tuesday, or Thursday :-), from my Weight Watchers weigh in on Saturday. This way I was not so down when I hadn't lost weight from my Saturday post until Tuesday's post if that makes any sense. Anywho...since I was away on Saturday I actually did weigh in today and I am happy to report that I have maintained my weight. Now usually this would make me frustrated as I did not lose anything, but considering the large quantity of food and drink I consumed at the weekend wedding and then at my birthday I am pretty darn happy that I stayed at the same weight. So now that things are back to normal I am going hard core back to counting my points. I promise to...
1) Count and record everything I consume
2) Drink even more water than my 8 glasses!!
3) Eat lots of veggies and fresh fruit!!
4) Walk/Jog on my treadmill every night.

My next wedding is in the middle of July and my goal is to be in the 140's before then so I have 7 pounds to go. Totally doable if I just stick to what was working before. I plan on weighing in this Saturday to get back on track and since I have stuck with the plan the last couple of days I am hoping for maybe a little loss at least!! We will see!!!

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