Thursday, May 31, 2007

Not feeling so "in"

So this week has been frustrating as a I hovered around the same pound and ended up gaining .5 pound. I know it is not the end of the world, or my diet success, but I guess I was so used to losing at least a pound or more a week that remaining the same, even when sticking to my points, was frustrating. So frustrating that I am almost three days late in posting. I am determined this week though to get that pound off and get back to losing. Here's what I am planning to do:
1) Drink even more water than my 8 glasses!! I usually drink 3 bottles of water and an extra glass or two, but I am going to try to increase that even more.
2) Lots of veggies and fresh fruit!!
3) Walk/Jog on my treadmill every night.
4) Keep tracking my weight on Saturday's with WI and then just reporting it on Tuesday for May Day Challenge. I find myself weighing in for my WW on Saturday, then watching the scale to lose more on Tuesday, and then getting frustrated when I don't see more of a loss even though I did actually lose from the Tuesday before. If this confuses you, then you know how I have been lately. So for now I will probably reference my Saturday WW post when I report my success on the May Day Challenge.
5) Don't get stuck on the scale, but rather focus on how my clothes are fitting and how I am feeling!!
It's going to be a good week...I just know it!!!


  1. SOunds like you have some good goals ... now comes the hard part. Sticking with them! Just remember that we are all in this together ... I am praying for you. :)

  2. you are so brave to share your weight loss journey!


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