Monday, May 7, 2007

Girls STILL Going Wild!

So on to day two of New York city and one of the best weekends of my life!

Saturday morning, we got up early, jumped in the limo and were off to Bliss Day Spa in Soho for a morning of pampering! On my agenda was a double chocolate pedicure, complete with a bowl of chocolate gelato, whip cream, and a warm mini brownie followed by an hour facial with exfoliation that hurt like the dickens and the best seaweed mask ever!

After the pampering we pulled out the wallets and went shopping, baby! I actually didn't buy anything except a pair of shoes (anybody surprised), but I had a blast watching my friends try things on and spend their money. After about 6 hours of shopping we ended up back at the hotel getting all prettied up for dinner. Karlin was in charge of the dinner reservations and let me just say that she may have just made the weekend. We went to "Bette" a very hip restaurant with delicious food. We started with crab gnocchi, mussels, lettuce wedge, and french fries for appetizers. For dinner I had pan seared scallops that truly melted in your mouth on top of a pile of risotto. Two of the girls had tuna, another had the scallops, and one had lobster spaghettini. Everything was fabulous! Of course it wouldn't have been complete without the molten chocolate cake and Americano for dessert!

After dinner there was a little discomfort as Manuela and I discovered our feet had swollen three sizes during dinner and no longer fit into the shoes we had bought that day. We actually ended up going back to the hotel to switch shoes before heading out to a club. I am going to just skip forward the club though because it was most definitely NOT the highlight of the weekend and was a live and learn experience...lets just say $30+ for a drink that I could not drink!! So we ended up cutting our night a little short, ending up back at our hotel bar where I only stayed for a few minutes before crashing in bed! (I am becoming an old fuddyduddy!)

Yesterday morning, was our last day so we did some more shopping, took a carriage ride through Central Park...

and enjoyed some pizza before we left town. During our shopping experience I found a new favorite store though Anthropologie's. You have to check out their site. I ended up buying a few shirts and pair of pj capri's. I had a big ol' smile when I left that store!!!

So today it was back to reality with my 23 little darlings at school! God has truly blessed me with a great group of girlfriends. I have two girlfriends who have known me forever, but still live in Maryland and I had been yearning to find some people to connect with here in Delaware. Then when I was hired in my school district I was supposed to be in another elementary school and at the last minute was transferred where I am now....and I had a very bad attitude about the transfer too! Because of the transfer though I met Lyndie and then the other girls. It was amazing how fast we all seemed to connect especially considering that I NEVER seem to click with other females. While we have only been friends for a year and a half I have made some great memories with these girls and I know that we will be making tons more in the future! I love you girls!!!

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