Saturday, April 28, 2007

Okay...I'm finally going to do it!

Some of my regular readers (the two of you) may have noticed that I have not posted any of my weekly weigh in results since right before my vacation. As you may remember my goal was to be in the 150's before I left for Florida and by golly I made it by 1lb the day before we left. Now two weeks after being back I wonder...why on earth would I want to push myself to get into another 10lb range when I knew darn well I wouldn't be in it when I got back?? I dunno either! Anyways when I returned home I found I had gained 4 pounds...yeah so I enjoyed my a problem with that?! So I told myself that I had two weeks to get back in gear and that meant back in the 150's. I was a little disappointed in myself, hence the lack of posting on the subject, but I jumped back to counting my points and used my treadmill faithfully losing 1.5 pounds the first week and hallelujah lost 2.5 pounds this week. So in one day shy of two weeks, since we have been home, I am very happy to report that I am once again the 150's. By 1/2 pound...but hey I made it and that's all I care about. So now I am back on track and you know the dirty secret I have been keeping from you!

WEEK 14 / -2.5 / 25.5 lb. lighter!
Goal: Make sure to record my points everyday to ensure I stay on track!

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