Friday, November 10, 2006

Vegas, Baby!!!

Dave and I got back on Wednesday from our first "no kids" getaway.

Of course, my mommy nerves were shot leaving especially knowing that I was a 6 hour plane ride away, but all was perfectly fine. Sally and Tut watched the kids for the 4 days so it was nice knowing that they were with their grandparents. I was more worried about them (Gramma and Grandpy) than my kids...since I know how exhausting they can be.

Every year Dave takes a business trip to Las Vegas with his airline ticket and hotel room being paid for by a company. I accompanied him when I was 8 months pregnant and we took Dyl his first year, but then things got hectic as I was finishing my teaching degree and then having Zoe that I stopped going. Finally this year, we thought it was time that I went and we had some adult time together. It was absolutely wonderful hanging out with my best friend and just doing things at our own pace. We had dinner in Paris and Rio, lunch in New York, and visited Venice...only in Vegas!!! One night we took in a Vegas show which was absolutely amazing with all the costumes and set designs.

Yesterday was my first day back to school and I ended up getting sick in the middle of the day and Dave had to come pick me up. I have fluid in my inner ear that was causing me extreme dizziness and high blood pressure. The doctor said it should clear up soon, but walking crooked is getting old!!

So now we are getting back into the flow. As I am writing this I am listening to my delightful children arguing about their Halloween candy and trying to get dinner together. Boy was it nice to just get away for a few days...I wonder when we can do it again!!!!

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