Saturday, September 30, 2006

WE WON TODAY 4-2 (9/30/06)
I know, I know it isn't all about winning, but it sure did feel good that our team won our first scrimmage! Dylan was out there giving it his best and scored one goal!! He is absolutely loving being on a team and has taken over being the leader telling them when they are going the wrong way...which happens quite often :-) I am greatly enjoying being "soccer mom" and love seeing Dyl so excited about a sport.
They tell the kids to jog to warm up...of course to the kids that means see who can make it first across the field! Here Dylan is giving it his best as he sprints across the field!
He has quite the team and as you can see he steps up to get things rolling!

Dyl's biggest fan...give her a bag a popcorn and a good game to watch and she is one happy girl!

Today's game...Dyl just scored! Thumbs Up Baby!!

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